Sometimes it’s better to give than recieve.  Or in this case, better to give than run.  I love the Austin marathon and everything about it….except running it. 

I have never run any of the Austin marathon race day races (full, half, 5K).  Oddly enough, i’ve never had the desire to.  No idea why.  I am just content with volunteering for it.

  This morning I did gear check which was really fun and fast-paced.  Got to see many of my ARC buddies when they came to drop their stuff, which was nice.  Loved seeing so many friendly faces and getting to wish them good luck 🙂

When I was done, I was off to cheer.

The course was a little different this year.  REALLY congested.  Over 12K people running the half, 6K for the full.  Mile 2 was my first stop, right in front of the capitol, nothing as beautiful as thousands of people running in front of the prettiest and most grand building in Texas!

The weather was not nice.  Too warm, too humid.   Yuck.  To make matters worse, the sun came out and heated up quite a bit.

I had to take a photo of this sign.  I am pretty sure if I was running, the sight of “50 meters to go” would totally piss me off.  I can see it’s 50 meters, the finish line is in plain sight, haha!  Then again, I hate being told ___many miles to go.  I can count, I know exactly how many it is.

And if for the people who add “only” before that statement, yeah, annoys me even more.

Anyhow, not ideal racing weather, but most of my friends did really well.  Jim BQ’d but then again, he pretty much does for every marathon he runs. 

On the way back to my car, it was food truck heaven, just in case you wanted a snack after 13.1 or 26.2…

Yes, like 4 blocks of Congress Avenue worth of food trucks!  I am pretty sure we have more food trucks per capita than any other place on earth.  We even have villages of them.

I am a strong believer in volunteering.  Races cannot be successful without great volunteers.  If I don’t run and I don’t have a conflict, I try to volunteer where possible.  If I can volunteer AND race, i’ve done that many times before too.

When I run, I try to thank volunteers profusely.  They are the reason that the race you are running is operating as well as it is.  Volunteers make good things happen.  They may have helped plan that race, stuffed the packets, helped with registration, did packet pickup, set up race day food and water, monitored the course,  handed you a medal, picked up your trash, etc. 



7 thoughts on “Giving

  1. I’m beginning to get agitated that you and I keep missing each other in the same places. For instance: You and I both ran out at the lake yesterday. Today, I was at the race at 6:15am! UGH! LMAO!

    I thank each and every volunteer I can when I’m running/tri’ing…or not! Running to and from water tables, people directing traffic, packet pick-up…”Thank you for being here!”. Thanks for being out there, even if I wasn’t in the race, hehe…

    • I’m not sure about Zooma, i’m actually on the fence for that one.

      I have TIR next weekend, then Angie’s at the end of the month. Then I got a huge group of my non-runner friends to do Diva Dash in April.

  2. Thank you so much for volunteering! I completely agree with your position on volunteering for races. I always make sure to thank every single person who hands me a cup of water! I ran the Austin Half-Marathon, and I’m was honestly so grateful for all the volunteers and spectators. I think it gave the race a great atmosphere, and I had an awesome time running, despite a knee injury. Gracias again!

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