Finally Friday!


It’s been a heck of a week for sure.  Slammed at work, but I still managed a good week of eating and workouts.  I powered through my to-do list at work this morning, because I’d hoped to get no special assignments and burn some comp time that I needed to get rid of.  Even though Friday is usually the most hectic day of the week and there were a few hiccups, I was able to go home at 1.  FOR JOY!

I came home, ate my giant stir fry lunch, watched 2 episodes of “I used to be fat” and took a nap.  I’m still tired.  Probably because I’ve slept horribly every night this week 😦  No bueno.

On tap for the weekend:

~Supposed to go out tonight.  I know though that when i’m ready to leave, no one else will be.  I just can’t stay up all night anymore and function.   With my sleep being off and wanting to run tomorrow, this doesn’t seem appealing really.  My buddy Megan can party all night and then PR a half marathon the next morning.  That is SO not me.

~Long run on Saturday. 

~Visit marathon expo, see if I can snag some good deals on new shoes.  Work the ARC booth if they need assistance.

~Dan is playing golf Saturday afternoon at the club in our neighborhood with some friends.  I should probably use the opportunity of an empty house to clean it.  Everyone knows I HATE leaving town with a dirty house.

~Volunteering the super early shift at the marathon clothing drop.  Then i’ll be cheering!  I hope to be able to park near the Gold’s downtown, so after all of that, if I am still awake, I can get a little work-out in.

~Make Dan some grab-n-go breakfasts.  I think this time I’m doing a few weeks worth of mini-quiches.  Made some this week and they turned out pretty well.  Need to make several variations.  Trying to get him more involved in putting together his snacks and breakfasts.

~Make Dan’s dinner ahead of time for Mon and Tue since I’ll be away for work.  I’m thinking maybe his mom’s lasagna, half a batch, lightened up.

~Pack for my work trip.  I’ve been told to wear jeans.  Works for me, I hardly ever get to wear jeans!

~Research the hotel and area we’ll be in.  I didn’t get to pick the hotel, it was booked and selected for us 😦  I know they have free breakfast though, which almost certainly means oatmeal!

~My usual Sunday of chores, with volunteering at the marathon thrown into the mix.  Ought to be a little pressed for time, but worth it!


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