Way back weekend recap

Can I recap the weekend still, even though we are halfway to the next one?  Going to anyhow 😉


Sister and I went to the lake to run.  She did 4, I did 9.  Weather was PERFECT.  Met back up at Gold’s, showered, ran some errands (she kept me sane at Costco), hit the farmer’s market where we each bought some Baby Zack’s Smoked hummus.  This time I got spicy bbq flavor, she got their new smoked black bean.

Came home, did a few chores, and then nothing.  Decided to do our anniversary/anti-Valentine’s day on Sunday.  Nothing was nice.  Nothing was free.


Did my usual weights at the gym, groceries, washed my car (and got Dan one for a gift), came home.  He had just woken up when I got home at 11.  We ate.  I made a flipping awesome burrito:

tons of veggies on the inside, outside was cheese, green onions, and Fat Tomato brand (I think) avocado-tomatillo salsa that i’d bought at Costco the day before.  WONDERFUL.  I am glad I  now have a vat of the stuff.  It’s heavenly.

We set out to run some errands, including going to Jos.A.Bank to get Dan’s suit fixed.  Bought him a full length wool coat for his birthday (early, it’s in April) when we were there for all of his work trips to Canada.  Hopefully he’ll get to use it soon!

We then hit town lake for a walk around the 4 mile loop.  It was super crowded but the weather was gorgeous.  We had good conversation, decent workout, and visited our brick which was an anniversary gift he gave me 4 years ago 🙂  We hadn’t been to Lou Neff Point to see the brick in a long time, probably 3 years…for some reason it took them a year to make and install the bricks.

Finished off the evening with dinner at Hula Hut at the lake.  I had a Groupon that I was dying to spend.  Neither one of us had been there in forever.  Sister spent hers the night before and said they were still working on the other deck (it burned down on NYE, the restaurant next door had fireworks that ignited one of the tiki huts).

Anyhow, we sat on the deck that is actually the outdoor bar.  Weather was great.  I tried something new, not so great.  The open face tuna tacos had potential, but they put the wrong sauce on them and it was drowning in it.  I ate it anyhow, I was too hungry to send it back.  Dan had Hawaiian fajitas which were good, but the sauce was a little too sweet for me, he loved them though.

Perfect end to a good weekend 🙂


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