Friday Night Lights

And no, they aren’t of the sports variety 🙂

Started off with some Which Wich.  I am not a fan of sub places in general (like Subway) but I LOVE this place.  I don’t go there often, but they have a ton of choices for your sandwich and it’s always super fresh.  If you’ve never been there, you pick a bag off the wall with your protein (I think there are 10 categories all of which have sub-categories), then you mark with a sharpie what veggies, cheeses, condiments, spices, etc you want with it.

As you can or cannot see, I got turkey, with almost ALL of the veggies they offer (minus olives) , provolone cheese, spicy mustard, and red pepper flakes.  It was HOT but very good (there was heat from jalapeno too). 

We then walked across the street for the grand musical opening of the  Moody Theater, new home to the Austin City Limits Live show. 

It was magical, even empty.

Sold out show to see Cody Canada and the Departed with Jason Eady opening.

It’s fabulous.  Classy and not a bad seat in the house.  Located in the new W hotel right in the heart of downtown Austin.  Unlike the previous location, this new venue will not only host the ACL show tapings, but also hold concerts year round.

Being the music lovers we are, we are VERY excited about this!


6 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights

    • they have great vegetarian options, not just plain veggies. My sister loves their hummus. They also have black bean patties and some others I can’t remember.

      We love ACL, we’ve been lucky enough to attend 2 live tapings, which at the old studio, were pretty hard to get into.

  1. Great idea for ordering the subs, then there’s no question on what you want. Haven’t been to see a band in ages, cool the spot reopened as a better place!

  2. junieb says:

    i dont like which wich, but i do LOVE what we have thats called Brown Bag Deli;same concept on the ordering only that i like BBD because its locally and family owned and they buy local produce. i will go to a non commercialized place every time given the choice.

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