Parents do the darnest things…

When I talked to my mom on Sunday she told me she ran 8 miles on Saturday because she wanted to see if she could.  (She does 3:1 Galloway intervals).


Today my mom told me she signed up for Angies Half Crazy


I got my mom addicted.  I guess she got the bug after her 6.7 leg of the 3M relay.  I’d mentioned she could keep training and do a spring half if she wanted.   I left it at that.   Apparently she decided that’s what she wants to do!

I’ve done Angie’s the last 2 years with my friend Nicole who lives in La Porte.  The cause is near and dear to her.  The beneficiary Julie Michelle Koch Lyons Cancer Foundation (Nicole was friends with Julie).  When Nicole asked me to join her, I didn’t think twice.  #1 I was more than happy to do the event with her, but #2 the cause has meaning to me too.  Skin cancer runs in my family.  My mom is a skin cancer survivor.  This is a great race and a great cause.  I am ready for year #3!

So it looks like mom will be making the trip with me to the Houston area in late March!  (maybe this year I won’t be so pastey!)


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