Movin’ it Monday


Workouts are always after work on Mondays, unless I declare a DOR.  Dan had an Auburn Alumni Club meeting after work, so there was no reason for me to NOT go to the gym for my regular Monday cardio cross training.  I forgot my magazines once again 😦  I think i’m just going to have to start keeping all of my magazines in my car at all times.

Did 45 minutes of intervals on the stairmill.  Great, except I forgot my towel and one of my homemade sweaty-band knock offs on my desk at work.  Good place for it, right?  Of course I was pouring with sweat after 5 minutes on the thing, had to use my shirt as a towel instead.  Read 4 month old crummy magazines from the gym’s stash (People isn’t near as interesting when it’s old, and Good Housekeeping just ain’t my thing).  Good workout and I’m glad it wasn’t freezing outside, because I was drenched.

2 people were half-way using the stretch trainers when I got done, mostly just talking and sitting there.  WTH?  I rarely see anyone on them.  Don’t they know I am addicted to the thing and need it?  I stretched in the parking lot and went home.


Got an email saying they are refunding the money from Saturday’s canceled Cupid Chase race AND still giving out the shirts.  Didn’t expect that, they didn’t have to, but I’m glad I can use that money for something else. 

Work was super busy since we were closed on Friday.  The day flew by.  I have Monday afternoon meetings with 1 of my teams, which I love, because it makes the afternoons seem short.

Weight Watchers meeting was alright, although I did not talk a single time.  That is very rare for me, I was in a weird mood and sometimes I feel like I talk TOO much.  Speaking of WW, I’ve really gotten maintenance down on P+ I think.   It took a while to figure out my balance on the new program (4-5 weeks), but i’ve maintained perfectly for 4 weeks now.


Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are usually pretty unexciting so i’ll spare you.  And i’ve been enjoying HEAB ice cream concoctions (minus protein) on most nights. 

Dinner was the last remaining Buffalo Turkey Burger on a delish grilled seedy bun with cheesy mixed sauteed veggies.  Wish I would have saved more of the ranch dip though, I had about 1T i’d saved before I’d let Dan finish it off the night before. 

So good.  Reminds me, need to put some wing sauce on the grocery list.  I have a hankering for some Buffalo Chicken Lasagna now 😉

I’d settled in to catch up on my Google Reader and I got a call from Dan that he was coming home from his downtown meeting (7:30ish).  He hadn’t eaten.  I was a little shocked by that, especially being as traffic was bad for him heading down there after work, and the meeting was at a place that serves food.  I made him a baked potato with chicken breast, salsa, mixed veggies, cheese, and salsa.  I overdid it on the size of the potato and the topping.  We ended up tossing half of it.  Oops!

We watched Outsourced on DVR before it was time for me to go to bed.  I’ve got to get in bed early if I am going to have any chance at all at an AM gym session.


2 thoughts on “Movin’ it Monday

  1. Oh there is nothing worse than not having a sweat band or a towel. I started wearing hats b/c that helps with the sweat prob 😉 I keep 2 or 3 mags in my gym bag so I don’t have to be stuck with something like Good Housekeeping. It’s amazing what you’ll read though when bored LOL

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