Uneventful event ;-)

Yup.  Saturday was my birthday.  I usually get pretty excited, but really it was just another day.  Another day wiser, right 😉

Still grumpy my race got cancelled (I was SO looking forward to my sister doing a race with me).  My spirits were lifted when I saw there was 1 serving of PB left in the jar.  Destiny?  I think so.  It was immediately made into “pb jar oats”.

Had a little deja vu from last year.  It was odd to run with snow around, but pretty cool.  I did 6 miles before sister woke up (it was 22 degrees).  When she got up, we did 3 together (by 9:15 when she was ready to run, it was 45).  She still got to see the snow melting, but man, my clothes for my run were NOT appropriate for that 2nd one, I was burning up.

We got dressed and made our way to the Farmer’s Market which is in the parking lot of Lakeline Mall.  I got distracted by Dillard’s and chose to go in there first.  I got a pair of much needed brown flats and an awesome leather jacket.  If you know me, you know that I am stubborn and never wear a jacket unless i’m actually going to be IN the cold.  Going to and from work, I usually don’t even take one. (which usually comes back to bite me when I have to walk to other buildings).  Lets just see if I don’t change my mind about keeping it in the next few days. 

We came out of the mall at 12:50.  Crud, forgot Farmer’s Market closes at 1, not 2!  Sis was able to snag some fresh naan and some indian sauces before that booth closed up.  Baby Zacks was already gone 😦  FAIL.  I was so sad.  I’ll have to wait 1 more week for my smoked hummus fix.  By time she paid for her stuff, almost everyone was packed up and leaving.

We jetted off to Schlotzsky’s for lunch.  They’d send me a birthday coupon for a free sandwich.  All week i’d daydreamed about a turkey guacamole with jalapeno.  Of course, lunch-time rolls around and my stomach is a giant knot 😦  WTH?  I ended up eating soup.  Not what I wanted by any stretch and I don’t really care for their soups.  FAIL.

I ran into Walmart after that.  Shockingly enough, that wasn’t a fail.  I friggin hate Walmart.  But I was out of Naturally More Peanut Butter and the tortillas I like and that’s the only place I know that sells either.  If it weren’t for them selling a few items I love, I would never ever go there.  EVER.

Came home and waited for Dan to return from Canada.  Watched a few things i’d DVR’d on Friday to kill my boredom.  (ok and I cleaned a little).  Dan got home around 5.  YAY!  So happy.

We did gifts about an hour later, after we caught up.  Had things waiting from BFF, sister, parents, Dan’s parents, and Dan.

Forgive the red make-up less face.  My allergies have been killing me and the drastic temperature changes are destroying my skin 😦

Lots of gift cards, including some to go toward my camera fund (also Dillards, Kohl’s x3, and Starbucks), jewerly, travel bag, etc.   Dan brought me back a Starbucks mug from Canada which is the perfect size for my hot tea addiction.  And he got me a “Loves to Run” shirt from Hill Country Running Company.  My only gripe is that I hate when he goes overboard, which he did.  I have 2 months to come up with something for his birthday, i’m behind in the planning. 

He then took me on a dinner date.  I was in a cheeseburger kind of mood (I don’t eat them out often at all).  Mighty Fine  was calling my name.  This place is awesome, it’s owned by the same company that owns Rudy’s BBQ, which is another of my loves.  Everything is high quality and fresh.  They only serve burgers, dogs, fries, and shakes.  And they have the same wonderful ice tea that Rudy’s serves. You can watch them make 100% of your food, they do EVERYTHING where you can see it.  Cutting your veggies, forming your patties, cutting and cooking your fries. 

If you come to Austin, go there.  They have vegetarian options too (sorry they aren’t burgers though).  It tastes good and not greasy at all (you know I HATE grease).  Wouldn’t know it by looking at my face though, lol.  YUCK!

My only regret was not getting the larger size.  I think someone thinks if he takes unflattering photos, i’ll quit asking for them 😉  Not.a.chance.  

Came home, watched SNL for the first time in many many years (Dana Carvey was on).  It was actually funny, I was surprised.  I was a HUGE fan of SNL in the early 90’s when he was on originally.  I used to stay up late every Saturday and watch it with my sister and dad (or tape it on VHS if I had to work, lol!).

Chill and uneventful day.  I knew Dan was going to be beat from traveling and I just wanted to spend some time with him and my sister. 



8 thoughts on “Uneventful event ;-)

  1. What a fun B-day!!! You had turkey burgers?? YUM. Did you make them yourself or buy them?? I love veggie burgers, but have never ventured into the turkey burger world. Teach me! Happy B-day again!! (i’m just going to keep saying it because I firmly believe in extending the BDAY out as long as possible 🙂

  2. Hey Melissa! We hope you had a Happy Birthday and are glad you got to spend it with Mighty Fine! We hope you don’t wait another year to come back and see us again. Happy Birthday! From, your friends at Mighty Fine Burgers, Fries and Shakes

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