Things I like Thursday: After Photos!

I’ve been feeling down on myself this week.  I know I haven’t gained weight, but on bad days, if my un-diagnosed GI problems are acting up, I look a good 3-4 months pregnant.  Not only is it emotionally hard to see, but it usually drains my energy too.  I’ve cut out dairy, which seems to have helped some.  Looking for a new Dr. and maybe getting some new direction from other Drs.  My specialist pretty much told me to live off of OTC meds and it was something i’d have to deal with.  Being bloated to the point where it looks like i’m pregnant, and having to pee every 10 minutes is NOT the way I want to spend the rest of my life.  Granted, at least it’s a minor illness compared to some, it’s still not pleasant.

Anyhow, I decided to put up some before and after photos to make myself feel better.  After I’d dug up the Jamaica photos from my external hard-drive, I ran across many more.  I hadn’t looked at most of those since they were taken. 

It’s a good reminder that i’ve come a long way and despite my issues that come and go, I still look and feel so much better than I did pre-Weight Watchers…

April 2006.  After my very first race ever, the Texas Round-Up 5K.

Here is mom and I after my last race, which was the 3M Half Marathon and Relay (Jan. 2011).  We’re both down about 40 lbs from our pre-Weight Watchers weight.  I made goal in June 2007.  She made goal last week (she had a slip-up after my grandmother died, so this was her 2nd time). 

Mom, sister, and I.  Christmas 2006.

Mom, sister, and I.  Christmas 2007.  They both started WW a few weeks after me in 2007.   We all made our weight goals that year.  I’ve been at goal ever since.   My sister comes and goes on the program.  My mom fell off for a while, but got back on Jan 2010 and plans to make Lifetime later this month and stick with it!

Camping in summer 2006.  Surprised I could fit into that crevasse.  Also embarrassed that I am wearing a sorority athletic shirt.  Nothing athletic about the way I look.

Camping 2007.  Sadly this was the last time Dan and I went camping (really need to change that).  This was during my weight loss (Earth Day weekend ’07).  Wearing flipflops because we got really wet crawling through a cave!  That trip was SO much fun, especially that weekend, because some areas of the park (Colorado Bend) are only open 1 weekend a year!  I want to go back.

May 2006.  Dan was living in Jacksonville, Florida for his job at the time.  Nice place, but the beaches were unimpressive.  Looks like Corpus Christi beaches.

Destin, Florida.  September 2010.

Nice little walk back in time.  Good memories.  Looking back at the older photos, I had no idea how I looked.  I didn’t see the change until I started seeing it in photos though.  Wow.

You’ve come a long way baby 😉


9 thoughts on “Things I like Thursday: After Photos!

    • thanks 🙂
      I’ve been having a really hard time this week with the way I look. I know it’s a direct result of my medical issue, but it makes me flash back to when it was real fat and not just some freak digestive thing.

      I miss my stomach 😦

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