Back to the island ‘mon!

Dan and I vacationed in Jamaica in September 2006.  It was the most beautiful place i’ve ever been.  We stayed at the Rockhouse in Negril for 6 amazing days.     However, when it comes to going back again, Dan says heck no!  (he wasn’t a fan of pushy locals).

So, for me, a  Jamaican inspired dinner is the closest i’m going to get…for a while anyhow (I keep working on him, lol!)

Jerk Chicken with Bobby Flay’s Jamaican Rice and PeasWhat they call peas in Jamaica is usually kidney beans or pigeon peas.  I made mine with kidney beans and I pre-cooked brown rice using the Baked Brown Rice method from Alton Brown.  (I don’t like white rice in most dishes).  I marinated the chicken in Cucina Toscana Jamaican Jerk marinade for 24 hours and then roasted in the oven. (would have loved to have grilled it, had it not been 24 degrees outside).

I cannot wait to eat the leftovers tomorrow night for dinner 🙂  Definitely will be making it again when Dan gets home from Canada.

Here’s a few photos from our time in Jamaica…

Remember, this is 2006.  At the time Dan was living in Atlanta and I was living in Austin.  Think we’d been living long-distance for about 9 months at that point (he left in Jan of that year).  I was running regularly at this point (I started running right after he moved), but this is about 4 months before I started Weight Watchers.  I haven’t looked at these photos in years.  I simply cannot believe that is me.

That’s my favorite photo from the whole trip!  The last night, eating dinner on the cliffs at Ricks Cafe.

Dinner at Ricks, I had steak, jerked chicken, and rice and peas.

Swinging from a rope swing into YS Falls.  I am surprised that I didn’t break that poor Jamaican tour guide helping me get launched! 

Ginger plants at YS Falls

In one of the many caves at our hotel

Jumping off the cliff by our cabana.  Why am I wearing a 2 piece?  I had some great self-esteem when I really shouldn’t have (maybe it was really denial).

 On the last day I was finally brave enough to do it (you had to jump just right, or you’d land in the reef).  I snorkeled in that reef every morning.  SO awesome.

I’m dying to go back.  Maybe i’ll go without him in the fall 😉


3 thoughts on “Back to the island ‘mon!

    • I loved that dress too. Wish I still had it! I only wore it that one time.

      I can’t get over how big I am in those photos. I ran around half-dressed that whole week.

      More proof that running doesn’t make people thin, without dietary changes!

  1. junieb says:

    I am in awe. You are one badass my friend. I am making myself go to the gym to try and do more weights. The progress and transformation is surrreal. I want to look like you when i grow up 🙂

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