MIA Monday

Ugh, Sunday evening and Monday were brutal.

Dan took a nap when he got home from his weekend out, said he didn’t get restful sleep.  (not surprising since they all went to bed around 4:15 Sunday morning, lol!).  He woke up, got dressed, and we went to Vivo for dinner.  It’s one of my favorite places to eat, although we don’t go there often, because Dan and sister’s bf don’t really care for it (their slogan is “Better than Sex, Tex-Mex”).  My favorite thing is their chile enchiladas.  They also have awesome mexican rice which is made with brown rice and great chips and salsa.    It was a sort of post-race celebration/early birthday dinner with family.

Dinner didn’t go so well.  We had to wait 20 minutes for no reason, only to sit at a table that had been empty the whole time we were waiting.  The service was horrible, but the food was good (although Dan’s soup was cold).  Dan and I shared because he said he wasn’t feeling well.  He ate like 2 bites of food.  He didn’t say anything during dinner and looked awful.  Totally unlike him.  By time we got out of there, everyone was in a bad mood because of the horrible service.

On the way home, Dan wanted to stop at the grocery store to get some medicine.  I don’t even think we’d made it home before he had a fever and needed to go to bed.  I let him have the bed and attempted to sleep on the couch (although Missy harassed me all night long).  I didn’t sleep much at all.  Had a soy latte and a 5 hr energy on the way to work.  (only my 2nd ever.  that’s how tired I was).

Monday was super long and hectic at work.  Weight Watchers meeting was SO boring, it was another “Getting Started” because we started a new session at work.  Wish I would have known that’s what our topic was going to be, because I had plenty of other things to do after I weighed in.

Dan didn’t make it through the whole day at work, he went to the Dr. and they told him it was a cold, but did a flu test anyhow.  He won’t know if it’s the flu until today.  Alot of good that does, since he’ll be in Canada until Saturday.  I took a DOR from working out, so I could go home and check on him ASAP.  He’d had a fever all night the night before, and really looked horrid when I saw him before work Monday morning.

I helped him get stuff together, washed all of the sheets from all of the beds and anything he touched, did dishes,  made dinner, and ran to Walgreen’s to get him some more meds that he could carry through security (he’d bought a bottle of liquid meds the day before).

For dinner we had Creamy Crockpot Chicken with brown rice.  I was really excited about it, but I think Dan liked it more than I did.   It was good, but I don’t think I’ll make it again.  I’d sent half of it home with my parents, kind of glad I did.  I would be eating it all week if it weren’t for that.


2 thoughts on “MIA Monday

  1. Creamy crockpot chicken does sound like it would have been good! I hate it when I try something and it’s just so-so but lemme tell ya. It happens a lot. Maybe it makes it that much sweeter when something turns out REALLY good.

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