Almond butter, humidity, and chocolate

I was up at at ’em at 4:30.  Mom grumbled, but I pretty much wake up at that time most mornings during the week, wasn’t anything different for me.

Ate some breakfast:

Mom digs pre-run bananas.  I HATE ripe bananas.  If they are ripe they get frozen, in bread, in oats, etc.  That being said, the oats with the almond butter was my pre-run meal of choice. 

Checked the Accuweather before we left.  It said it was 64, with the temperatures to hold steady near 70 all morning with 99% humidity,  then at noon it would then be up toward 80.  What freaking month is it?   Pulled onto the highway and it started raining.  I wasn’t concerned, especially since I had bird crap all over my car and wanted it to get clean.  I kept telling mom the rain was fine.

Parked, got pottied, and then I lost her.  I prayed she went to where the shuttle bus was and wasn’t looking for me.  In the crowd of 6000 (it’s a limited entry race, sold out). I ran into ARC President and buddy Megan.  She was running today as a prep for the Austin Marathon which is in 3 weeks. 

This race isn’t seeded or organized by pace, it’s self corraling, which I HATE.  I always get stuck behind strollers and walkers, no matter how far up I manage to get.  The first two miles are pretty packed and I didn’t want to be a sardine.  This year I started way closer to the front than usual (I ended up starting 50 secs behind the elites).  I never saw the elites, probably because they were half way done before I finished the first mile, lol.

We started on time exactly, which hasn’t happened at that race in a while.  (last year we were 1.5 hours late due to severe winds blowing over all of the barricades).  It was dark for at least 4 miles, which was awesome, because it was a wet and gross mess and I didn’t want it to get any steamier.  I felt tired the whole race, I am guessing it was the weather, although i’ve run the same distance in direct sun in April and 20 degrees warmer, so I know i’ve been through way worse.

Saw mom at 6.4 and she got started for our 2nd leg of the relay.  I then threw my relay Dtag down.  (I originally had it on my other shoe, but learned on the web last night that if both relay persons crossed the finish, you get DQ).  So I tied it to my skirt, untied it at 6 and tossed it after I crossed the 10K mat before the exchange.

Dad, sister, and sisters BF were at 10.5 which was perfect, because they saw me and mom (at different times, I didn’t run the 2nd half with mom).  And it was right before what looked like a hill and mom hates anything that isn’t flat.  I drove the course with her in early January to show her they were baby hills.  I told them as I passed to cheer her up that hill.

I picked it up a little in the last 2 miles but I was really struggling with fatigue.  My kick at the end wasn’t much kick, but I did set PRs today for half relay (i’ve only run one, lol!  hey, it’s automatic), course PR, and an overall PR.  I missed my goal time by 11 seconds.  Whatever, i’ll take it.  I am just glad I finished, because several times I was really feeling drained and dead.

I never want to eat after a race.  That doesn’t stop me from collecting stuff at the finish.  Gave my Subway sandwich and juice to dad.  Gave my freshly baked Tiff’s Treats cookies to sister.  I didn’t bother getting pizza rolls or Rudy’s breakfast tacos.  I LOVE Rudy’s, but I simply cannot eat eggs after anything more than 6 miles, it’s really bad news.  (I ate migas after my first half, which was 3M 2008 and it wasn’t pretty.)   Threw the fruit and shelf stable stuff in my bag.  Well I ate a banana, which I dropped half of on the ground.  I didn’t want to wait in line for another banana, so I threw away the dirty part and ate the part still in the peel.  I have no shame and I really wanted that banana.

Then the stupid sun came out and it got really steamy.  I ran into Megan again and we ventured to mile 13 to see the finish.  We had about 15 minutes to spare.

Met up with my family to cheer mom in.  We saw her come over the hill and she was walking (hope that was her walk interval).  I’d told her as soon as she saw the finish, even if it was time for her to walk, to RUN!  We saw her in the far distance see the finish and start running.  She powered past us…

That’s my sister’s hand.  She jumped in front of me when mom went by.  Oh well, maybe she got better photos.

It took be FOREVER to find my mom at the finish.  Megan and I looked everywhere. (how did I run into Megan like 10 times before AND after the race, but have trouble finding my mom who was wearing the same shirt as me?)  Finally I stopped to let some random dude use my cell phone and she walked up to me.  (kind of forgot to plan a meeting spot at end).  We went and took finisher photos (hope those turn out) and then she went to get her grub.

Team Killer Kellers.  Woot!  We were in the family division for the relay, would have probably done better in open women (since it’s only women). 

Family photo.  Yes, dad always looks mad in photos.  He’s the nicest guy, really wish he’d smile.  Sister and her boyfriend said they are going to run it next year.  Need to find a partner for mom.  Or I suppose I could do both races again.  I would REALLY love if Dan would run it with her next year.  Baby steps I guess.

Mom and I rode the big yellow dog back North to my car.  Original plan was to ride with family, but sister brought their dog and I didn’t want a giant muddy dog in my lap, so we rode the school bus and made a ton of friends.  My mom was really popular on the bus 🙂  We rode in the back seat like cool kids, lol!

Got back to my car and I realized we had no moolah!  I meant to bring my   so we could play.  Had to go home, which was probably for the best because we stunk and were tired.

Gave mom the congrats bag I made her when we got home.  I bought some stuff at our new location of Hill Country Running (which just happened to be 1 door down from my eye DR in Cedar Park).  Yankz shoe laces (makes them slip ons), a Galloway book, and some fancy recovery bath salts.

Then we had grilled sandwiches for lunch.  I still wasn’t hungry, but I knew we needed to eat.  I could really not eat all day after a long race, which I know is bad.  So I’ve been eating little bits all afternoon until dinner tonight.

Cooked carrots (yes, I adore cooked carrots, especially roasted), grilled turkey and Baby Zachs Smoked Hummus  (it’s 1 P+) on seedy bread.  Dark chocolate and some more of those awesome tangerines for dessert.  Then some Honey Bunches of Oats a few hours later.

Then I hit the DVR to let mom watch “I used to be Fat” which is my new guilty pleasure.  Multi-tasked by doing laundry and proceeding with a normal Sunday afternoon.

Dan came home at 4 from his weekend away and crashed out, Dad is napping, sister is napping at her house, mom is watching Food Network. 

Aren’t we an exciting Sunday evening bunch?


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