She wrote it better than I…

It all started with me looking into doing Moe’s Better Half on March 6.  I emailed my ARC buddy Megan (also the fabulous president) about it.  At the same time, I realized she doesn’t do that race anymore because she does Texas Independence Relay since it started.  Since she raves about it 365 days a year, I figured that’s where she’d be.

I emailed her about it to confirm and got invited to join her team which is a bunch of random people that she’d actually NEVER met before she ran with them on year #1 (this is her 3rd year).  I in turn checked with AK and June to see if they’d like to do it too.  Looks like my gals are in.

June blogged about it today here:  Texas Independence Relay 

Texas Independence Day is actually one of my favorite holidays of the year.  Yes it’s a real holiday.  And yes, I have the day off (well I usually do when it’s not session).  It’s March 2 just in case you were wondering 😉 

I can’t wait to celebrate the holiday with 2 vans full of sweaty and stinky people that I don’t know 😉  There will be lots and lots of photos and stories.


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