I was looking for redemption on Saturday morning.  Last weekend plagued me.  I didn’t dwell on it all week, but it was definitely in the back of my mind.  Looked like it was going to be 30 when I started.  I always wear shorts unless it’s freezing, then I consider capri tights.  I didn’t own long pants until last week when I scored a pair of Nike Dry Fit cold weather running pants for 75% off (I never really wanted/needed long pants).  SCORE.  I decided to try them out.  I’d layed out everything the night before, except the Garmin…which I forgot at home.  I realized it when I got near the freeway and opted not to turn around.  I figured that would just throw more of a wrench in my morning.

I think the pants would be great for my 5 am runs when the sun isn’t out, but I ended up feeling overdressed about halfway through.  I also felt over exposed, because due to the freezing weather, all of the fountains and bathrooms were locked.  NICE.  At least this time no one saw me.  I had to settle for water only at the RunTex and Rogue stops.

The run felt good.  I don’t think I dogged it at all, but I am curious to know exactly what my pace was like.  When I was done, I walked over to check out the Gorilla run that was going on, but no one had finished yet.  Had hoped to catch my friend Megan from ARC but I was too early.  Stretched and showered at the gym.  Make some calls to try to get an eye exam somewhere with no luck 😦  Will try again at a place near work next week.


I’m really far behind on my google reader, as you can tell.  I got back into town late Thursday night and just now pulled my laptop out of my work bag and set it back up.  I’d planned on blogging everyday, but I was exhausted from being gone.  I’d traveled to Grapevine for a day and a half on Wednesday.  Yesterday was a super long day at work and I had so much to do, the day really zipped by. 

Came home, vegged out with Dan and made pizzas (roasted veggies, 2 types cheese, chicken fajita meat).  Because I’m a dum-dum, I munched on roasted veggies while we were making the pizzas.  I SO need to break that freaking habit.  I don’t even realize I’m doing it.  Some say there is no harm since it’s healthy food, but I find the habit annoying and it makes me mad more than anything.  I know it’s completely mental.


 Dan is off running errands.  We are rekeying the locks to our house.  We realized yesterday that after I broke the garage door, that we didn’t have enough keys to our house.  We’d meant to rekey anyhow, so he fixed the garage door, took all of the locks to Lowe’s, and went to wash his truck.  I so need to wash my car.  Maybe tomorrow after the gym.

Tonight his company rented the suite at the Stars Hockey game (the venue is like 8 mins from us, which is nice).  We often go to baseball games (we have partial season tix and his company also has a share of a suite there), but i’ve never been to this venue or seen this new hockey team (they are an affiliate of the Dallas Stars, we got the team last year).  Ought to be fun, I went to a lot of hockey games in college.

I always ask when we have suite rentals, what the menu looks like.  If I don’t like what they have ordered, I go to the club or the concourse and order something.  I try not to make a big deal out of it, but I don’t eat the food just because it’s there, especially if it’s something I don’t like.  Dan sent me the menu earlier this week, and I am pretty sure i’ll be hitting up the club to see what they have.  The menu is:  kettle chips, tortilla chips, chicken strips, sliders, pizza, and roasted veggies.  Do any of those things even go together?  Did I mention one of the other departments is entertaining clients?   Not sure who picked it out, but knowing what the venue has to offer, those are some weak choices, lol.  To be honest, i’d rather eat a frito pie than what they ordered.  I like it better when one of the guys picks the menu!   Plus the venue uses Aramark, which I hate.  Maybe i’ll be surprised and the food will look better than it sounds.

Happy Saturday!  Hopefully i’ll remember my camera for the game tonight 🙂


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