Worst free foods

And how I feel about them…..

Men’s Health published what they consider Worst Free Restaurant Foods

Everything in moderation right?  I would never eat any of those items to reckless abandon (I used to on some).  Just because you have something unlimited, doesn’t mean you have to eat an unlimited amount.

 If you really like any of those items and want to enjoy them, then do so!   I don’t really like most chain restaurants, so I’ll talk about them in general…

Breadsticks-I rarely eat the breadsticks.  If I do, I enjoy one if I want one.  And at Olive Garden, on that unlimited salad,  you can get the dressing on the side and they DO have a lower fat one that tastes the same.  Plus you can order the breadsticks with the garlic butter off or to the side also.  We rarely eat at OG or Fazolis.  Dan loves Italian.  I prefer fresh made bread at Italian places that have it and I almost always have at least 1 piece if not more with some EVOO.

Red Lobster Biscuits-Although Dan and I both grew up eating Red Lobster, neither one of us really cares for it much anymore (sister and her BF eat there weekly if not more often).  I also really don’t love those biscuits like I thought I did before.  We rarely go there unless sister or mom says they want to.  Much better seafood restaurants menu and quality wise.

Chips.  I’ve never been to On the Border.  If their chips were good, i’d eat some.  I am VERY picky about my tortilla chips but I almost always have them when we eat out Mexican if they are decent, especially if the place has good chips AND salsa, i’m picky about my salsa too.  I like it hot, I like it fresh.  I prefer it smokey.

Bottomless fries.  We don’t have a Ruby Tuesdays.  I don’t eat fries often.  When I do, I only want awesome fries.  Even so, I wouldn’t eat more than whatever came with my meal.  Yes, there was a time that my sister and I would share a humongosize fry from McDonalds (high school).  Yes, that was really a size (it was a big cup), not sure if they still have it, as I hate McDonald’s and it pains me to even go there to get a drink.  BLECH.

Pancakes.  I like pancakes.  I don’t like eating out for breakfast and certainly not at IHOP unless I don’t have a choice.  If I do, it’s usually not pancakes.  I usually only eat pancakes the night before a race or when Dan’s out of town and I prefer to make them myself.


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