Moping over milk Monday

I SO wanted Monday to be alot more productive than it actually was 😦  I was on-call, but technically had the day off.  I was thrilled, because I was still convinced I was going to have to work.

I’d asked Dan to wake me up when he wakes up (which is about 1.5 hours after I usually wake up on Monday).  I woke up on my own and he looked alarmed when he saw me wondering around, scolding me for getting up earlier than I said I would.  I was done sleeping!

I got dressed for the gym and settled in with a bowl of oatmeal and cup of tea at my laptop.  When Dan left for work, I started to make my way to the gym for stairmill cross-training.  Knocked that out (and read a borrowed magazine-WOOHOO I read something), showered and drove to the next city for WW meeting. 

Some WW meetings seriously make my head hurt.  It’s not the meeting, but some of the people.  I know I was misguided and still trying to find my way at this point 4 years ago.  But seriously, the things some people do and think just blows my mind.  There is no reason to be afraid to eat out people.  There is no reason to be afraid of fruit.  And there is no reason to deprive yourself of things you really truely want.  (And this week’s handout had an article that REALLY annoyed me, i’ll have to post it later in the week.)

After the meeting, I had to dart into Sprouts  because I was hungry and thirsty.  Normally i’d have something with me, but I was in a hurry to get to the gym and left it on the counter.  So a pear and some water it was (ok maybe I bought a few more items that we needed, or I needed, which was mushrooms).

Tried to get an eye exam but there were no appointments available anywhere.  I really should have scheduled something, but I still wasn’t convinced i’d really be off from work.  I need new contacts darn it!  I then tried to find planner refills for my work calendar, which apparently you can’t get anything even remotely attractive in the size I need.  Also tried to make an effort to eat with Dan and his coworkers but that didn’t work out either.

Went home and made lunch for myself. Mexican veggie soup, turkey-hummus wrap (with calabacitas).  Doesn’t look very exciting but it was tasty.  I probably ate my body weight in squash yesterday between the wrap, the soup, and raw slices.

 Then made a pot of Dan’s mom’s recipe for vegetable-beef soup for him to eat while I’m out of town for work on Wednesday and Thursday.  Portioned it out for him, froze the rest.  I like to leave him with good things to eat when I am gone because I don’t like him eating out more than he already does or having to cook (because it’s often worse than eating out).

Before I knew it, the afternoon had escaped me and it was time to work on dinner.  Spaghetti and meatball casserole.

It was tasty, but Dan’s first reaction was “what the heck is the green stuff”?  He almost ended up wearing his plate of spaghetti.  We had it with garlic bread, which was successful after a 2nd attempt (the first time I totally forgot it was even in the oven).  Which reminds me, he protested the type of bread I bought him, because it has oats on top (even though it’s white).  I hope HEB starts stocking his regular bread again, sigh.

For more visually appealing photos and the recipe, go here.  Thanks Danica for posting the recipe and the review.  I didn’t add mozzarella balls. Next time I think i’d add more tomatoes, mine didn’t seem quite saucy enough.

Over the weekend, I think i’ve given in to the fact I just simply cannot have milk anymore.  😦  I’d been drinking homemade lattes on the way to work for years.  Plus I love cocoa, pudding, and other things made with skim milk.  Plus milk had holding power over me and i’d often turn to it for a snack (never plain, hate plain milk, always have, I don’t even like it with cereal).  I bought Mootopia, which is HEB’s lactose free milk that has extra protein, but that didn’t quite work either 😦  Then I had a reaction to greek yogurt twice (it was either the apple or the yogurt, I had them together for a snack both days).  I’ve tried cutting apples AND dairy out for a few weeks, and I wasn’t symptom free, so maybe it’s a handful of things my body all of a sudden hates.  Makes me sad.  I really like using dairy as a protein source and a snack. 

Been trying to experiment with milk alternatives like soy, almond, coconut, but none of them give me what I’d been getting from milk, which was the holding power from the vitamins and minerals.  I’m sad.  I don’t know what to use.  I didn’t love any of them.  Then I read all of this stuff about which is good and which isn’t.  Makes my head hurt.


4 thoughts on “Moping over milk Monday

  1. I think the wrap and soup combo looks pretty good! My husband really hated having to give up things like cottage cheese, which he used for protein as well. I think some of the soy and almond milks do come fortified with vitamins and such. I love almond milk in my oatmeal….yummy and creamy!

    • I LOVE cottage cheese and yogurt, which made me very very sad. Haven’t tested cottage cheese yet.
      It could be whey, not sure. I had a shake this morning I made with whey and coconut milk and I think I was fine, so maybe it’s something else?
      Although if it’s casein, then the cottage cheese is an issue.

      Boo, I like those things and they are good for protein.

  2. Your wrap and soup combo looks delicious! Perfect meal for a Monday.

    I was cracking up at his green comment – my husband had the same reaction too….but, he ate it, loved it and said I could make it again too.

    P.S. I was totally shaking my head yes as I was reading your statements about people at their meetings….it sometimes drives me crazy and I wonder where they get the things they mention (especially blaming fruit ~ I know I didn’t pack on my lbs eating fruit and vegetables!) Side note

    Hope this Monday is a good one too 🙂

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