Locked out

Started my usual Sunday routine.  Breakfast while reading blogs (oats with blackberries and almonds), waiting for it to be time to go to the gym.  Still gross, sloppy, and cold out, although we really need the rain.

Get to the gym when it’s supposed to be open, but it’s not.  They changed the locks on the door and the guy can’t get it to open.  Waited for 20 minutes in the cold and then just gave up.  A little mad I drove all of the way over there for that. 

Another sign to stay in bed?  I am not one to lay around in bed (haven’t been in a few years), but man, the last 2 days have not been kind to me in the AM. 

Continued my morning routine sans workout.  Got groceries and spent way more money than planned on hardly anything!  Came home, started laundry, put food away, started getting things together for the week, made a wrap to eat for a snack.  Still pouted about the workout.  Would have done P90X, but I still haven’t gotten my loaned DVDs back.

Came home, consoled myself with my version of migas for lunch.  Very untraditional interpretation.  Eggs, avocado, tomato, handful smushed tortilla chips (the grainy kind, which are the best), tomato and black bean salsa, Monterrey jack cheese, and broccoli.  Yeah, broccoli and it was awesome. 

One of the very best egg dishes i’ve ever done and definitely the best migas i’ve had.

I had started laundry before I had left for the gym, so I just continued after lunch.  Had all of our clothes, plus all of Dan’s ski trip clothes.  I finished around 10 pm, at least it all got done.  Didn’t get as much cleaning done as i’d hoped, but it was a start. 

Dan said he was going to the gym after lunch, he eventually went at 4.  I begged him to sneak me into his gym, so I wouldn’t have to drive back to my gym, which is way further (his gym is 1 mile away).  He caved and let me go and I killed my weight workout, which made me feel SO much better about my efforts earlier in the weekend.  Came home, nursed Saturday’s wounds in an epsom salt bath and actually read a magazine which was nice.

I’d run across some Applegate farms roast beef for SUPER cheap at HEB, so I bought a package.  I’m not a roast beef gal, but it sounded good and different.   So I made up a little something like an italian beef sandwich.

Roast beef, sautéed mushrooms, onions, and bell pepper, fresh basil, parsley, and red pepper, swiss cheese on a grainy bun.  Made Dan’s the same but with twice as much meat and on one of those Central Market multi-grain baguette.  He had a side of pretzel nuggets, I had broccoli and cauliflower (I was at a loss for what to serve him as a side, he doesn’t really like many veggies).  Made an au-jus out of the pan drippings to dunk in.  Turned out pretty well. 

We watched a bit of tv and for once, Dan actually went to bed BEFORE me.  That was pretty surprising, being as I woke up 6 hours before him.  I didn’t stay up too late, because I had big plans for Monday.  Just finished laundry, watched news (which I never do), and read a magazine.  This reading thing may actually stick 😉  I SO need to get back to reading stuff, even if it’s just magazines.

Even with the speedbumps, it was still a good weekend 🙂


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