Things I like Thursday: Weight Watchers

1/7/2011 was the 4 year anniversary of me joining Weight Watchers.  Best decision I ever made for MYSELF.

I know everyone gets tired of this before and after, because they are horrible.  I promise I have better ones I will post.  First is my very first 5K in April 2006 (the year BEFORE I started WW).  Right is May 2010.  I can’t quit staring at that before.  I can’t believe that was me.  I had no idea what i’d looked like.

Here is how I keep it off.

I never really dieted.  I never really tried to lose the weight before.   I actually though I ate pretty well (HA!).  I was pretty average in HS but working on Sonic started taking it’s toll.  Then convenient and cheap won me over with fast food.  This continued through college.  Was never much of a drinker, but it certainly didn’t help…neither did every sorority and work event revolving around food. 

Moved to Austin.  Met Dan shortly thereafter.  We ate out.  Alot.  Even though neither one of us was making much money at the time.  We never really did anything active.  I think we went camping maybe twice and that was as active as it got.  I ate junk at work too, breakroom treats, meeting goodies, you name it, I ate it.  Then in Jan 2006, Dan moved away for 2.5 years for a career change.

Also in 2006, I met a lovely girl, Alison, who came to work with me.  I got to mentor her and brought her over to my team in my then office.  We grew very close (I was in her wedding last year).  She started WW at Work in summer 2006 and had great success.  I watched her lose almost 60 lbs in the 9 months it took her to make goal.  She invited me to join WW in fall of 2006.  I told her that I wanted to try on my own.  I promised her that if I couldn’t, I would join at the next session in January 2007.

I never tried on my own…Christmas 2006 I went to Alabama to spend the week before Christmas with Dan and his family.  His mom made at least 4 cakes and 20 lbs of homemade candies.  I think I ate at least half the candy.  No, I don’t exaggerate.  I seriously gorged myself.  It was horrible.  I was so displeased with myself.  I told his mom the day I left that I was joining WW when I got home.  I didn’t even wait for the “At Work” session to start at the end of Jan.  I got on my computer on 1/7/2007 and bought an online subscription to get started (I happily attended my first meeting with Alison at the end of that same month at work).  2 weeks later, mom and sister jumped on the wagon too.

I started running exactly 1 year before I joined WW and the scale didn’t budge.  That’s not why I started running, but I thought it would help.  I HATE when people say it’s running that made me skinny.  That may work for some, but not this girl.  Bodies are made in the kitchen, they are perfected in the gym.   It wasn’t until WW taught be portion control, balance, good things in moderation, that I started to lose weight.  Joined WW in Jan 2007, made goal in June, made lifetime in August.  Been under goal ever since. 

My support system has changed somewhat over the years.  I never quit supporting those who join, but don’t force anything on them either.  Sister quit after she made Lifetime and never went back (although she joins online from time to time).  Mom fell off when my grandma died.  I got her back on the wagon in Jan 2009 and she’s about 3 lbs from goal right now and has since joined meetings, so that she can become Lifetime as well.  BFF has come and gone several times, she’s starting back next week.

And what about Alison?  She moved away right before she got married, about an hour from here.  I rarely see her, although we still talk daily.   Even to this day, we still talk about our Monday meetings like we still attend them together.   She’s still at goal. 

No, it hasn’t been easy.  I’m not perfect.  But it really has become a lifestyle change to me.  I still follow the principals, and yes, I transitioned over to the new Points Plus plan when it rolled out Thanksgiving weekend.  It’s been a learning curve, but I think I am finally learning to adjust to the changes, because it’s COMPLETELY different.  If you think you know WW, you don’t anymore.  Although I’m going to say right now, i’ve always loved fruit and happily eaten it.  I was never one to ban fruit from my diet.  So “free fruit” doesn’t phase me at all.

And if you know me, you know i’m a total food snob now.  Especially at work or at parties.  Sorry, I am just very particular now.  I love sweets, but I no longer eat random sweets, I want good quality sweets!  I don’t deprive myself of anything.   Sometimes I have the real thing, sometimes I actually prefer a substitute.  Everything in moderation 🙂


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