Turbulent Tuesday

Turbulent for Dan anyhow.  My day was fine.  Work, run (quickie through my neighborhood), work some more.

Dan was to be home around 5:30 from Colorado.  5:30 turned into almost 8 😦  He offered a friend a ride home from the airport.  Said friend lives pretty far from us in deep south Austin.  His flight got delayed and they lost his luggage, so Dan was stuck waiting for friend for a long time.  Then they hit rush hour traffic, when Dan finally dropped him off, then he had to fight traffic on 2 major highways to get up to where we live.  Poor thing, he was so exhausted from a full day of travel and then frustration once he finally got back to Austin.  Plus he’d been limited on sleep from the ski trip already and celebrating the Auburn victory the night before in Denver.

Dinner was…

I fixed it HOT of course.  I used turkey instead of chicken, added white beans, extra cayenne (because it wasn’t hot enough), and onions.   I don’t usually like using mixes or seasoning packets but it was super good and easy (and doesn’t have alot of junk in it).  Perfect for the dark and cold day we had.   Paired it with jalapeno cornbread…sorta.  I tried to make a new recipe and it wouldn’t get done, total fail (think the temp was off on the recipe).  We ate the parts that were done but they weren’t pretty, I think Dan ate it as not to hurt my feelings (he was probably thinking: shows her not to make my mom’s recipe!)

Had dinner waiting for Dan when he finally got home (unfortunately I couldn’t wait that late to eat).  I did sit and chat with him and catch up while he ate 😉

After dinner we were both beat.  We watched the last quarter of the BCS bowl together on DVR and then the post-game interviews and called it an early night.  Wasn’t the same seeing them win on DVR the day after it happened with him, but I hadn’t seen it yet. 

Eating the leftovers of the chili again tonight, it was that good and we have some left after all 🙂 


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