Waving good-bye Wednesday

Dan left for his ski trip today (the one where he probably won’t ski).  But that sounds alot more pleasant than what they actually do there, lol!  He’ll be back next Tuesday.  Until then I am going to watch annoying shows on tv and eat lots of mushrooms, peas, and other things he despises 😉

I didn’t set my alarm, because I knew he’d wake me up at 4 when he had to start getting ready.  He was supposed to wake me no later than 5 so I could run.  At 5:15 he woke me up, which meant if I ran, I would probably be rushing to get to work on time.  So I waved good-bye to him and packed my gym bag for after work. 

LONG day at work.  I’ve asked to be off on Friday, but in order to do that, I’ll be breaking my neck until then to make sure things get done.  After Tuesday there will be no holidays until May or later (depending on how the session goes).

The knees were actually a bit tired/sore from squats on Tuesday, plus the fact that i’ve worn heels all week, which I don’t usually do anymore.  So I opted to play it safe and do the “adaptive motion” machine in run mode. 

Came home and threw together something simple for dinner.  Cheesy ham and veggie bowl with cayenne pepper Shayne Sauce ww pasta.  It was very good and I think Dan may have actually liked it had he been here (and if I’d left the peas out).  I used mixed veggies and normandy blend veggies, plus fresh parsley and green onions.

Very good and packed with Good Healthy stuff.  Several servings of veggies, 2 healthy oils, protein from the ham and cheese, calcium from the cheese, little carb action from some of the veggies and the pasta.

And I may have a mild addiction to HEAB’s ice cream.  My evening snacks always come and go in phases.  The longest ones have been cocoa, greek yogurt parfaits, cottage cheese blends, and now the HEAB ice cream.  Tonight was german chocolate ice cream (chocolate ice cream with coconut and nuts).

As you can tell, Santa didn’t bring me a new camera…but then again, I didn’t ask for one!  That would help, right?

I should perhaps get back to cleaning.  My mom will be here for several days starting tomorrow evening.  Not sure what kinds of trouble we’ll get into.  I’m sure it’ll involve running, food, and shopping 😉


2 thoughts on “Waving good-bye Wednesday

  1. Hope you get everything done so you can be off work tomorrow – hope you’re off work to just have some you time 😉 I still think it’s great that you go nuts eating stuff Dan hates when he’s away. I don’t look forward to Jason being away, but if I thought if it in terms of doing what I wanted, then maybe I’d be ok with it 😉 (hope the knees are better today)

    • I’m going to bust my rear to be sure I do!

      Yeah, it doesn’t phase me when he’s gone. We lived apart for so long that a week here and there is nothing. I TOTALLY take advantage of eating things he hates while he’s gone, in fact I plan my menus around it!

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