Almost meatless Monday

Monday was pretty uneventful.  Just hammering through stuff at work, but ended it with a very productive meeting.  I was in a really good mood, and that rubbed off on everyone else 🙂  Great to see people excited.

Original plan was stairmill cross after work, but after looking at my schedule for the week, I realized I didn’t have a DOR scheduled because of moving my long run again and going to help mom with her run Saturday.  Plus it had almost been a week since I rested, so rest it was.  I should have cleaned my house but I read blogs instead.  Means cleaning is in my future Tuesday and Wednesday then.

Meatless Monday

Ok, red-meat anyhow….Tuna Burger on toast, spinach salad, spicy normandy veggies.  Apple for dessert

Dinner was an interesting take on pizza.  Hummus instead of red sauce, mozzarella cheese, spinach, fresh parsley, tomato, and Morningstar hot and spicy sausage (it’s neither of those 2 things).

The pizza was good, but I was super disappointed in the sausage, which was tasteless.  I consoled myself with some homemade PB cup protein ice cream later on.

After getting home really late from the gym, Dan ended up having the last serving of Slow Cooker Brisket from Eating Well that I made Sunday night.  I cooked it 2 more hours in an attempt to make the meat more tender.  It was an ok recipe, the gravy was delish (onion based).  Probably won’t make it again, extra lean brisket is pricey and I think I prefer it smoked.  What can I say? I’m a Texas gal.


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