Bye-bye 2010

I wore one of the new headbands I made and it’s AWESOME (I first tried it Monday for sweat-a-thon on the stairmill).  Actually, that  shirt is probably the only thing I own that it matches, don’t really care.  I think that headband maybe cost me 50 cents to make.  I call it the “I run really early in the AM headband, can you see me now?”.  I actually bought some reflective ribbon too, haven’t used that yet.  I plan to make more next week when my mom is here, maybe i’ll perfect the technique and make ones that match things, lol!

Yeah, I don’t really fix my hair to run, as you can tell.  I don’t have a whack hairline, I swear.

Ran my last run of the year this morning with AK at the lake.  It was warm, humid, and pretty gross.  Didn’t help that I probably wore the thickest tech shirt I own.  I’m glad it got windy at the very end.  My legs were tired from yesterday’s workout, I  know better.  Oh well.  

She REALLY bounced back from her injury, back to her speedy self.  I hadn’t run with her in forever and this was just what I needed to make sure I didn’t dog the run.  I was drained, but I ran it how I needed to run it.  Gosh I hope I have energy for tonight and tomorrow!    She actually had to run 19, I had 11.   I killed the 11, which I really needed mentally.

While she finished, I made my last trip to Gold’s for the year.  Last one-on-one with the stretch trainer and foam roller.  Showered up and then curled up with my book that I started marathon weekend at Starbucks for the last latte of the year (soy because I am almost certain now that dairy is a problem 😦 this makes me very sad)…

I will finish that darn book this weekend!  I keep losing it.  I finally got back to reading and it’s taking me forever.  It never used to take me more than a few days to read a whole book.  Yes, I started that one November 15, that’s almost shameful, but at least i’m reading again.  Next up, to actually read my magazines, which I am also working on.

Headed home for some lunch.  Leftover Edamame Stew over some spinach with feta, side of the winter squash quiche, and some blueberries.  I was HUNGRY! 

Dan was MIA at the gym, so I packed my stuff and loaded the car.  Still waiting on him to shower and pack.  He is VERY slow.  I love my little snail though.

Running errands on they way out of town and then heading to Houston for the evening!  Seeing Jason Boland at the Firehouse.  Then a run with June from Boston Dream Pie in the AM.  I’m not used to staying up that late, so I have no idea what time morning will be, lol.

Speaking of June, looky i’m famous, I made her racing synopsis for 2010 here.  I like that Dan took an upper body shot only and you can’t see the blood all over my hips and leg.  Yeah, I laugh now, although scars aren’t really funny.

Well, everyone have a very happy New Year, have fun, and be safe!  See you next year!


3 thoughts on “Bye-bye 2010

  1. junieb says:


    that lactose thing is why i cant do starbucks anymore (even no fat doesnt help) :O(. i can have milk (skim) on its own or in cereal but not with coffee. i have to do soy if i do go there. every once in a while i push the envelope though.

    and i totally forgot you had fallen at the RnR in Dallas until you just mentioned that!

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