Wisdom and new recipes

“People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas.” -unknown

So true, so true.  If I ever shared great thoughts like that, i’d make sure my same was attached to the quote, lol! 😉

The Quiche from yesterday is a great snack (in fact, had it for both snacks today), I love that it used the fresh rosemary from my yard, which right now, is the only live herb I have.  

Still loving on my oatmeal with Cranberry Relish, although today it was oat custard with Cranberry relish.

Lunch was something new that i’d made a pot of Tuesday night.  Eating Well’s Edamame Stew (6pts+)

It was good, better than I had expected.  Topped it with some feta (2 pts+).  Love  feta. 

I was disappointed though because I liked their recommendation of serving it over barley or bulgur. I had my heart set on having it over bulgur, until I realized I had none 😦  I had barley and several different kinds of rice, but I was too lazy to cook those because they take too long, bulgur is quick and easy (and probably the #1 reason i’m out of it).  Settled for pita triangles I made instead.

Dinner was pretty simple.  Made Dan the same as the night before, but Shayne Sauce jalapeno linguine and chicken instead of the sausage.  For me I had a random bowl:  cubed veggie burger, sundried-tomato and basil Pita Pal hummus, ww couscous, spinach, mushrooms, baby normandy  blend veggies, and tomatoes.  Odd but tasty and filling.  No photo, it was pretty darn ugly and the pearl couscous looks like Missy and Chanel’s Science Diet catfood (I kid you not, size, color, and everything).


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