See you round my hometown…

You name the song, I think it was written about my hometown.  Charlie Robison “My Hometown”  (his hometown actually is very close to mine), Wade Bowen “God Bless this Town”, or Cross Canadian Ragweed “17”.  I could go on and on.

I swear Friday Night Lights was written about MY town.  I went to Medina Valley High School, home of the Panthers.

See how big football is?  They care more about winning state in 1984, than golf and softball winning 3 years ago!  Oh and they just built an indoor pratice facility for the football team.  Sigh, only in Texas.

Stadium looks the same, however the high school is brand new and the school I went to is now the Junior High. 

After football games, you had to go to Sammys.  They have the best salad bar EVER!  If they were open today or yesterday, I would have went.  My usual back in the day was fried fish or chicken fried steak with their seasoned fries dipped in their house dressing.  I’ve varied my choices there, but I still happily eat that house dressing, I LOVE Sammy’s House dressing.

Directly across the street is the famous Habys Alsatian Bakery.  Thank goodness they are closed today and tomorrow.  I rarely go there when I come home, when I do, I usually only get an item or two.  That place is DANGEROUS.  I could use a cowboy cookie today though.  Maybe next time.

Speaking of famous and historic, the town is full of historical sites.  Many of the original buildings from the French-German settlers are still standing.  The original residents were from Alsace-Lorraine, France.

Famous Landmark Inn.  It’s now a bed and breakfast and a state historical site.  It used to be a mill and hotel.

A river runs through it…

In high school, I helped open the Sonic and was one of the very first carhops in town.  At the time, we only had a Dairy Queen and a Sonic (this was the beginning of my weight battle).  Now there are quite a few fast food places.

One of the biggest historical sites in town is the church my family attends, St Louis

That’s it!  My little hometown of Castroville, Texas.


2 thoughts on “See you round my hometown…

  1. junieb says:

    you wanna know something funny? ALL my life I always said that one day I was gonna live and die in Castroville. We would go through there every year a couple of times a year on the way to our deer lease; i just loooooooooooved that town for some reason. even when i was thinking of moving back to texas from las vegas, i thought of getting a job in San Antonio so i could live in Castroville and commute.

    • I’m not sure I could ever live there again. It’s cute and quaint, but after a few days I can’t stand it.
      The first few days i’m home, I like it, and then I start getting annoyed with certain things and I remember why I don’t live there anymore.

      I have ALOT of classmates that still live there and they love it. I just think Austin area ruined me on living around home again, lol.

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