Merry Christmas from the family…

I guess if you don’t know the Robert Earl Keen  song, that probably isn’t that funny.

Woke up early and cleaned my parent’s house.  Prepped some stuff for the day and for Christmas.  Made migas for breakfast, which were flipping awesome.

My mom must have been really tired or getting really old, because she slept like 11 hours.  I had to twist her arm to go to the gym, but she was glad she did.  We only had a little over an hour, because they closed early today.  She did weights, I ran intervals.  Today should have been my DOR, but I traded it for Wednesday being my DOR.  Wanted to workout outdoors today and not pay the insane “day use” fee at mom’s gym, but it was pouring rain outside.

Not sure where the rest of the day went.  We did some chores.  Made some spaghetti squash with Nate’s Zesty Italian Meatballs (meatless).  I liked the meatballs, although my dad, much like Dan would, turned up their nose at it, simply because it wasn’t meat.  SIGH.   

Christmas Eve is where all of the celebration is in our family.  It’s always been that way for us (with the exception of Santa gifts on Christmas as kids).  We do church, special dinner, and gifts all on Christmas Eve.  My parent’s families have always done that too, probably because they are both of European descent and often in Poland and Germany, the holiday is celebrated mostly on the Eve too.

Mom wanted to go to super early church, so we had to get there at 3:15 for 4 pm church.  We made it just in enough time to get a seat, but barely!  Probably would have been earlier, but I had a meltdown.  My stomach issues have been coming and going, and today it was coming.  I couldn’t wear my sweater dress and leggings I brought because I looked pregnant.  I tried to wear the sweater I wore yesterday and that didn’t look well either.  I was on the verge of tears, then I just settled for the only other thing I had, a sweater and pants from Ann Taylor that was an early Christmas gift.

After church, it’s time for the veggies and dip while we get ready to open gifts and eat dinner.

And then the gifts.  As usual, there are no photos of me, but then again, the opening of gift cards isn’t usually that exciting in photos.  That’s all I ever ask for.  I got Visa, Ann Taylor x2, Stein Mart.  Plus I had already gotten a shopping spree at Ann Taylor  on Black Friday from mom and dad.   Sister gave me Starbucks and Ann Taylor, was a little surprised by the Starbucks.

Apparently my dad was very good this year!  I think he had probably 20 gifts under the tree.

Mom was pretty excited about the new skillet and accessories from dad.  Think she liked that more than all of the gift cards she got from him.

I totally neglected to get photos of them opening any of the gifts I gave them!

After gifts, time for dinner.  Wardrobe change, because it can get messy 😉  I couldn’t find the tamales I wanted, but stumbled across these from Central Market instead, even better.  I really wanted ones made without lard, and these were perfect.  The stats are good on them too, although really, I only eat them once a year usually, so I wasn’t really concerned about 1 night.  They are Ramiro’s Tamale Company based out of Houston.

Tamales are a big Christmas Eve tradition in parts of Texas.  Mostly South and Central and West.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! 

 (don’t laugh, mom made him put the tie back on and he did a horrible job, lol).  We WERE color coordinated before I couldn’t wear my grey dress.

Ooops, I just realized it’s WAY past my bedtime and I am supposed to get up early tomorrow.


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