No place like home

Made a lot better time to my parent’s house than i’d expected on Wednesday night.  2.5 hours from the office to their house, which usually takes 2 hours with no traffic.  Not too shabby, just hit traffic in the regular spots in Austin and San Antonio.  Nothing exciting, ate dinner, unwound, went to bed.

Got up and waited for mom to rise, so we could go to her gym.  Sampled the French Meadow pumpernickel bread I got at Sprouts yesterday pre-workout (still on the fence on it).  Got to gym around 6:30 am, she needed to run, I needed weights.  It may be a small place, but it’s VERY nice and well maintained.  Knocked out a pretty darn good workout.  Came home and grubbed down on an egg scramble with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese, side of apple.  Yes, I didn’t eat oatmeal for once.

We got ready and jetted off for San Antonio to run some errands and have a little fun.  First item of business was going to a Weight Watchers meeting together.  Mom joined officially on Monday to lose her last 5 lbs (she’s never technically been a member, she learned from me).  However, with the new program, she wanted to learn from the center and ultimately become a lifetime member  🙂  I really want my momma to be able to keep the weight off.  She’d made goal once before on her own with WW, but couldn’t keep it off.  I really think meetings will help her.  We had a good time.

I wanted to make some crafty things, so we went to Hancock and Hobby Lobby.  I’m excited, although things in my head NEVER turn out how I imagined them.  Will post regardless of how they turn out 😉

We then ventured out to lunch, which was the #1 reason I wanted to drive into San Antonio.

I’ve mentioned Green before.  Tiffany actually recommended it earlier in the year.  I had originally eaten there in the summer with my mom and we liked it.  Since they aren’t open on Saturdays, we took advantage of the fact I was in town and it wasn’t Saturday!  Last time we had the Mike and the Green Burger.  Mom wanted the Green Burger again, today I opted for the Portabella Burger.

I liked the Portabello Burger, but I should have added cheese, because the lack of protein didn’t keep me as long as I would have liked.  The table next to us got the daily special which was braised eggplant, it looked fabulous, I had a little bit of food envy, but then again, I wanted EVERYTHING everyone had.  Yeah, I totally had a staring problem in there today.

Mike came outside when I was wondering through their gardens and greeted us.  Super nice guy and he’s an Astros baseball fan!  Look at these raised beds, aren’t they fabulous?  DAN!!!  If you are reading this, THIS is what I want!  (we pretty much live on a giant boulder, planting things is hard, and no, it’s not coincidence that our neighborhood is called Boulders), lol.

We then jetted off to Central Market to get some tamales and browse.  Good times, although it was SUPER crowded.  We didn’t explore long, but long enough for me to hit up their cafe and drink some delicious hot tea.

Headed home for the day.  Man, I was feeling GOOD, even commented to my dad that this was the first day in almost a week that I felt alright.  Jetted off for a quick run and back to get crackin on dinner.  I don’t know how my mom cooks with all of my dad’s clutter everywhere in the kitchen!

Who doesn’t cook in their running clothes?  I swear most meals I cook in normal clothing.  Pizza night.  Roasted eggplant, bell pepper, and onions, baked tofu on 1/4, turkey breast on the rest, half mozzarella, half feta.  Fully fabulous!  (added mushrooms after the fact for myself). 

I had a slice of each, made sure I had some of everything 🙂  Unfortunately I started feeling bad again after dinner 😦

That about did it for the day.  Good way to spend the 1st of my 2 days off, doing alot of nothing!


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