Turned around Tuesday

Today was a MUCH better day.  My stomach is still bothering me a lot, but everything else was a joy!  Ok the workout wasn’t, but everything but the stomach and the workout.  I had no strength for weight training this morning, so I did intervals instead.  Better than nothing.

Since i’m leaving to go home after work tomorrow, I had to take care of the 4 rules before leaving town.  #1 all things that may go bad in fridge must be consumed, frozen, or tossed.  #2 the house must be clean.  #3 all trash must be emptied, #4 the kitty babies must be accounted for (i’ve never done it, but when my sister lived with me, she used to lock them in rooms all of the time on accident).

Took care of #2 and #3 after dinner, which took care of #1.   I didn’t have a lot left in the fridge that I wasn’t taking for lunch tomorrow. Lunch was leftovers, as will be tomorrow.  Some of the chicken breast, roasted veggies (onions, peppers, mushrooms), and leftover Spinach and Mushroom couscous

Yes, I had lunch with baby Jesus in my office (ok, it’s a cube), we don’t have offices.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll post photos of what my decor looks like at work before its time to take it down :-(.

Dinner was going to be a greek wrap, but I changed my mind when I saw our giant bottle of Rudys BBQ sauce or “sause” I should say, in our fridge.  Decided on BBQ chicken pizza on pita, to get rid of the last green bell pepper, the last of the multi-colored mini-peppers, an onion, and the last serving of the rotisserie chicken I’d bought earlier in the week (rarely get these, but I had a coupon and it was easy to do while Dan was gone, been using it all week).   Chanel freaks out over that chicken, but this time I put her outside while I cut it up.  She’s a perfect angel unless chicken or turkey that is roasted is involved.

It was pretty good.  For some reason Dan isn’t a fan of this flavor of pizza (he likes BBQ and pizza, what’s up with that?).  Guess it’s a good thing he’s not here 😉  We do both love Rudy’s though.  I used the sauce for the base and then tossed the veggies and chicken in some of their rub, piled on sauce topped pita, added mozzarella and heated.  FABULOUS!  If you haven’t had their sauce, buy some, it’s peppery goodness.  If you don’t like pepper, they sell “sissy” sauce too.

After dinner I packed the car, since I am leaving straight from work tomorrow.  Am I ghetto or what?

When I travel to my parent’s house, I like to take laundry baskets.  Keeps things from sliding all over the place in the trunk and on the way back, I have my laundry in a basket already, lol.  Gifts in 1 basket, clothes in another.  Everything fits nice and neat with the giant ice chest in the trunk. 

Running to Sprouts during lunch tomorrow to stock up on awesome produce to take to mom and dad.  Sprouts produce is WAY better than HEB most of the time and often half as much money.

My parents usually eat pretty early, maybe they will wait for me, probably won’t get there til 6:30 or 7.  Wish leaving work early was an option!

Well i’m off to eat my greek yogurt dessert and starting winding down.  Looking forward to a long weekend and spending time with my parents 🙂


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