I will be positive

It was a rough day, all of the way around.  Best part is, it’s over.

Woke up early and cleaned house, i’m only ever motivated to clean in the AM, since I was busy Saturday and Sunday in the mornings, I did a few things this morning.  At least that went alright.

My mystery illness was flaring horribly this morning, after my morning latte.  Not sure why Starbucks on Sat and Sun didn’t bother, but HEB milk maybe did?  Not certain that is it at all, but something still has me in mystery, I feel like the Michelin Man.

Slammed at work with work for other people who are out.  Sitting in for boss lady all week too.  Then several meetings that were very long and a couple of uncooperative coworkers who don’t like taking directive.  Went to leave for the day and had a message that pretty much said I have a huge assignment coming tomorrow morning that was originally coming on Jan 7.  So it goes.

Gym made everything better.  Remembered my magazines for once and killed it on the stairmill. 

Dinner was great, although it looks strange.  Sometimes the ones that aren’t pretty do taste pretty awesome.    Tilapia rubbed with greek seasonings, pan grilled with a little EVOO, smeared with some Pita Pal tomato basil hummus (from Costc0), over a random salad of roasted mini peppers (my FAV Costco item), french green beans, garlic, feta cheese, red pepper flakes and some balsamic vinaigrette.

And I’m sure if Dan was here, he wouldn’t touch it, based on looks alone.  Polished off a greek yogurt parfait for dessert.



5 thoughts on “I will be positive

  1. At least you got in a good workout AND had a great dinner. Sorry to hear about your illness though. My sister was having crazy stomach issues, major fatigue, severe pain and even started gaining crazy weight for no apparent reason. Found out her gallbladder isn’t working. She’s gone gluten-free and that’s made a huge difference. My husband’s mother had similar issues but had to go completely grain-free and now she’s symptom free (and no allergies). I know you’ve been going to a doctor and trying various things. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    • You have a good point, and while the Dr hasn’t suggested anything like that, I think at this point, he should have.

      I think that when Dan leaves for his ski trip in January, it would be a good time for me to try an elimination diet and work on cutting out gluten and dairy and going from there.

      My energy was ok yesterday, but today it was horrible. I couldn’t lift weights, so I did some cardio instead. Was just reading in Oxygen or Shapre yesterday about how my issues are likely causing issues with my weight workouts (hadn’t experienced that in a while, but it was back today).

      I really appreciate you always giving me positive comments, even when I am being a whiney baby 😉

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