Decker Challenge: The Recap

I love working races, especially the 2 Austin Runners Club races that are each year.  Sunday was Decker challenge, the biggest ARC event of the year.  It features a half marathon, half marathon relay, the Double Decker (full), and also includes the Travis County Brown Santa 5K.

It’s a pretty well known course.  2 things are guaranteed.  #1 it’ll be hilly, #2 it’ll be windy.  Sunday was both of those things and pretty cold.  Luckily it wasn’t raining like last year.

The race was a great success, despite some speedbumps along the way during the week of.   Lots of happy runners and volunteers 🙂

The one photo of me and i’m not even paying attention.  That’s me coordinating the age-group winner prizes, Megan announcing, and AK’s husband Charles handing out an award.   Travis county constructed a new stage as you can see, too bad they didn’t finish the plywood front, lol!

I wore many “hats” that morning, definately the most jobs I’ve had on Decker day!  Volunteer coordinator, race result runner, awards coordinator, merchandise sales, and food prep.  I cut over 1000 Einstein’s Bagels that morning.  Interesting fact, when the cornmeal on the bottom of their bagels gets into your sanitary gloves it HURTS!  I have a cornmeal blister! 


-Women don’t plan ahead for personal hygiene needs.  I got asked for tampons no less than 7 times.  And the medics came to ask me too, because their supply had been depleated.  Really?  That’s one of the first things I think about.  Maybe i’m just weird that I pack my bag at least the day before with anything I MAY need.  And I keep things like sunscreen, gels, and those feminine things packed in my bags at all times, just in case.

-I got asked to hold people’s keys before the race way too many times.  Also, something I plan for.  I always figure something  for my car keys if I have to.

-Amazed that people still don’t understand that clothing dropoff is “at your own risk”.  I got a bunch of scowls when I reminded people of that.  If you can’t live without it, then don’t bring it!  (Especially if you are throwing your clothes off at the on-course drop-off!)

-That someone would attempt Double Decker for their first full marathon.  This happens every year.  I don’t understand this at all.  And I also don’t understand when those same people don’t finish before the cutoff and they get mad!

People make me laugh every day pretty much 😉


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