She lives

Yes, I am still alive…for now.  Work may kill me before the January 11 chaos date.   I can only pray that the legislators file no more early bills between now and the end of December.  I need my sanity before I lose it for good!

Dan and I did dinner at Umiya on Friday night.  It was a new place for us and it was pretty good.  We had the Lamar, the tuna-green onion, and I forgot what the other was.  Dan is weird about sushi, he only likes it like once every 3 months.  We looked at some Christmas lights on the way home afterwards.

Busy weekend, volunteered at Decker, lunch with sister at Apothecary Wine and Cafe after Decker.  Decker recap to follow if I ever upload the photos.  I was so exhausted from Decker (left the house at 4-something to get there at 5 to start helping).  Not used to being on my feet that long!  I was EXHAUSTED when I got home.  Good thing I had already done half the laundry on Saturday.

Run on Saturday was good, more humid than i’d like and not very cold.  No weights on Sunday, I could barely stay awake, let alone workout.  In fact, I didn’t make it to the grocery store until 7 pm.  That was a nightmare.  I like my usual Sunday early morning routine for gym and groceries!

Getting back to where I was on the stairmill cross on Mondays, although I forgot my freaking magazines again.  I never read my magazines and I’m too busy at work these days to do that.  Mondays are my chance!  Need to start leaving them in my trunk.  Hit the gym for full body strength this AM and had a great workout.  Toying with the idea of bringing 2-a-day Tuesdays and Thursdays back starting today. 

Hectic week.  Work is slamming me.  1 work party today, 1 all day work function/party tomorrow which is off-site (this hurts me, I need to be in the office, I like fun, but not when I have SO much to do in the office), half day on Thursday because I have a much needed eye Dr. appt (I have HORRIBLE vision), Friday night is Christmas for Dan and I.  Still waiting on his last gift.

Hoping I can get back on track with the bloggin 🙂  At least something needs to keep me sane!


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