On the 3rd day of Christmas…

Let’s just say that Saturday was about as full as it could get.

Started off with a run down Lakeline.  I had a full schedule all day, so I was in a time pinch and didn’t really have any business driving anywhere for a run.  I planned in sleeping in a tiny bit and running at 7.  My body wanted to wake up at 5, so I did (even though I went to be close to midnight the night before).  Ran at 6 (it went very well, I let myself go a little faster now that we’re 3 weeks post marathon), although it was super humid, where did that overnight shower come from?

Was supposed to meet sister in Austin at 9:30 to make our way down south, I got there at 9.  I was already falling asleep in the car in the Starbucks parking lot, so I went inside and grabbed a regular coffee.  I NEVER drink regular coffee but I was that tired.  She was really late, I was a little upset about this.  We made our way to Gruene.  I had to call parents and BFF and tell them to take their time, as to not be waiting on us.  We actually beat parents there, so we went for coffee at the Gruene Coffee Haus.  Since i’d already loaded up, I just tasted sister’s german chocolate latte, OMG, to die for!  Oh and we may have goofed around while we were waiting, here is BFF at the shop next door.  I have an inside joke about her and pickles 😉

We started out by browsing Gruene Market Days when my parents arrived.  The December one is by far the best one of the year!  Saved my favorite for last, Shayne Sauce (more about them later this week). 

Here is my bestie buying her finds from Shayne Sauce.  We both got the 6 products for $30.  I got 3 pastas (hadn’t tried them yet, they are relatively new to their lineup) and then 3 of Dan and my favorites (honey jalapenos, Habanero olives, and Habanero pickles).  Like I said, more on that later this week.

Another booth worth mentioning is Texas Foundation of Hope, which is a non-profit program for young adults with special needs.  As a job, they make these wonderful crosses that they sell.  I’d seen them before but didn’t buy one.  Saturday I bought 2.  What a wonderful cause and they are SO pretty, i’ll have to post photos of mine later in the week.  BFF and sister bought one too.  It got REALLY crowded when they were getting theirs, as you can see.  I love when people really dig the booths that benefit charity 🙂

We tried to eat lunch at Gruene Tea Room, but it slipped my mind to make a reservation.  2 hour wait.  Off to the Gristmill instead.  Got my usual tomatillo chicken but shared it with my mom, I wasn’t feeling great (maybe it was the straight coffee I had earlier).  I never share my food there, but I did convert her to be a fan of that chicken (which they also serve at Josephine Street in San Antonio).

Sister, myself, and BFF before lunch.  Looks like summer?  Felt like it too.  It was 84 degrees, we were all sweating.

The familia.  I think there was a fingerprint on my camera, oops!

After the lunch, sister and I went back to Austin and it was MUCH later than planned.  (she tends to forget she was the reason we started late).  We both had our work holiday parties that night, but first, I had something important to do after I dropped her off….

Yup, had to cheer Auburn on to their SEC Championship and their entry into the big show 🙂   You know Dan is a happy camper.

I look like heck because I felt like heck too.  After lunch it went downhill with my mystery illness (yes, it’s still there, no resolution).  I SO wanted pizza and once again I felt like I couldn’t eat anything.  I told Dan after the game I just wanted to go home, put on pj’s, and lie around.  So we went home and did just that.  Felt bad for missing my work party, but i’d already told my boss we were questionable way back when the invite came out because of all the plans we already had.


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