Full steam ahead

Man!  Wednesday took me full steam ahead through the week and slammed me right into a really busy weekend!

I got a call on Wednesday when I was halfway home that I got an assignment from work.  While I didn’t have to turn around and go back, I had to start on it when I got home.  I did as much as I could before Dan and I ran errands and had dinner with a Groupon i’d bought to Mama Fu’s.  It was good, but my meal was TINY!  I am used to similar places giving you tons of food (I always share or bring half home).  I’d been counting on leftovers, but that didn’t happen.

I’d planned on hitting the gym in the AM on Thursday before work, but that all changed, I woke up at gym time but started working instead.  Then got ready, and got to work at 6 to work some more.  The plan was that I was to leave when everything got approved, which happened at 4 (I usually leave at 4:30).  So much for that!    Man, if November and December are this hectic, I dred what happens when legislative session actually starts on Jan. 11.  I may be sparse between Jan-June!

I was off Friday for “shopping day”.  We are gifted 1 day to use in December, I chose to use it then.  It was more like errand day.  I ran, went to a meeting at the WW center to get a better presentation of the program, got my mom some stuff from Sprouts, ran errands, had lunch with sister, came home and got ready for Dan’s Christmas party.  It was fun, but I struggled to find anything I wanted to eat 😦  Good thing I had something before we went.

Today is going to be slammed busy.  Getting ready to take off for a run, then get ready, pick up sister and head to Gruene for holiday family day (Gruene Market days and Holiday lighting), lunch and shopping with mom, dad, sister and BFF, then back to Austin, drop sister off, go to Mangia for SEC championship watch party, then my work Christmas party. WHEW!

Then tomorrow hopefully I can get everything done I didn’t get done on my list that was supposed to happen yesterday (which is alot).  Christmas lights still aren’t up outside, but inside looks great.  At the very least, I’ve got to get Dan’s St. Nick gifts wrapped since St. Nick will be visiting tomorrow night.  (Any one celebrate St. Nick?, Dan actually thought I made him up!)

I WILL get a haircut this week.  I won’t even admit how overdue I am for one, but my hair is totally FRIED.  I am still trying to grow it out, but I am so tempted to cut it super short again.

Have a fabulous weekend!


One thought on “Full steam ahead

  1. You are ONE BUSY GIRL! Omg! I’m happy that you have such an awesome attitude about it, hon. =D

    Oh and I’m not even going to admit when the last time I got my hair cut was…downright embarrassing how often I get my hurr did.

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