Things I like Thursday~Race photos

On this  Thursday, just wanted to share mom’s photos of RNR SA race day.  She didn’t get many action shots that were close, I think she took photos quickly, so she could talk to me as I ran by.  Silly mom.

My friend from ARC once said that he looks like he’s pretending to run in all of his race photos.  From looking at mine, I see that too.  Looks like I’m standing still, mocking running, lol!  My official photos all look the same, but with ugly faces.

I apparently run with ugly faces, but look alright afterwards.  How do I take better photos after running 26.2 miles than I do when doing nothing? 

That’s Dan and I at the hotel, before he tossed me into the ice bath.  Nothing says love like your sweetie getting you 2 giant bags of ice and throwing it on you in an already cold tub.  Maybe it’s payback for asking him to wake up before the crack of dawn on a weekend 😉

Not sure why my dad always looks mad.  He’s a teddy bear, really, he is.  And he’s a great cheerleader!  Mom is wearing her running gear, it’s SO cute.  She’s super excited about the 3M relay in January.

I really think gear check should be alot closer to the post-race refreshment.  It’s hell carrying all of that junk up and down stairs (which are cruel after a race anyhow), trying to get your bag.  This is the first race I really needed a solar blanket.  The temps were fine, but the wind was getting to me.  Standing still I get cold really easily, especially with wind.

Can you tell I was excited about #5?  Haven’t decided if there will be a #6, 5 is a good solid number.  Then again, I said there would never be a #2.

Wonder how many kinds of “runner’s high” there are?   Yeah, I know you can get that awesome happy feeling, but can you also experience being totally out of it?  Look closely.  What the heck is up with my shirt?  I had to totally be out of it to not notice that my shirt is completely up (maybe caught on the chair).  I hate for my stomach to show and I actually didn’t notice it was visible until it had been on Facebook for a few days.  Kind of funny, so I left it up.


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