Thanksgiving Weekend: The Recap

Thursday~  After lunch and dinner, it was time to shop.  Mom, sister, and I hit the outlets for their “midnight madness”.  Most of the stores I wanted opened at 10.  After 1 store I was happy, Santa bought me some clothes at Ann Taylor.  However, sister and mom wanted more, so we went until midnight.  Wanted to hit Polo, since Mr. Picky will only wear Ralph Lauren (with the exception of athletic clothes, jeans, and “going-out” shirts), but there was a line to get in that wrapped around the block (they opened at midnight).  No thanks! 

I went to bed around 1.

Friday~I slept in the longest i’ve slept in AGES.  Yes, I slept until 6:30 am.  I think the last time I slept that late was exactly a year before that day.  Mom and I went to Kohl’s when she woke up (it’s near my house).  Then Lowe’s  (also by my house) to get stuff to wrap my faucets since we were having a hard freeze that night.  Lol, I only went to stores in Leander on Black Friday morning, that’s all we have, other than HEB Plus.

That afternoon the four of us were off to Mangia Pizza to watch the Iron Bowl.  My mom and I detoured to Target and Academy first, so we missed half of the first quarter (well to be honest, I didn’t MISS anything, it was bad game in the first half).  News was there before the game, so dad and Dan got to be on TV (I DVR’d it later that night).   Mom took a photo of Dan and I when we got there and Dan looks like he’s going to kill, he was that mad about the game.

Here is how he looked AFTER the game.  I still don’t believe they won, seems like a dream.  I never gave up, but I wasn’t feeling good about it either until time ran out.

We both take the worst photos, neither one of us is photogenic.   Odd, because both of our sisters look great in photos all of the time.   Half the time like here, my face looks super chubby, but in other photos, like Thanksgiving, my face looks normal. 

No pizza for me (game was in the afternoon, so I didn’t eat anything there), had Thanksgiving leftovers before and after the game, at regular meal times.  I don’t think anyone needs to eat for the sake of eating, I never eat at the afternoon games, other than maybe a snack if I get hungry and need one.  

Dad went home, Dan went out.  Mom and I watched FitTV and I packed the Thanksgiving and fall decor.  Yeah, we are an exciting bunch.

Saturday~Didn’t set an alarm, but ended up waking up at 5:30.   Waited for the sun to come up since it was below freezing and I was in no hurry to be anywhere.  I never wear tights (even then it’s capri length, I don’t own full length), but I decided to bust them out, because it didn’t warm up temperature wise after the sun started to rise.  I actually was never cold, it was around 32-33 the hour I ran and I felt fine in tights, long sleeve tech shirt, gloves, and a headband.  Good run, wanted to go longer, but knew the recovery schedule said 1 hour for a reason.

Came home, ate breakfast, cleaned my kitchen, packed mom up and sent her off toward home.  Dan and I didn’t go much of anything the rest of the day.  I put up Christmas decor and cleaned.  Oh and we watched a movie (Ransom Pride), we both thought it kind of bad.

Sunday~Woke up around regular time, shocking I know.  Tried to catch up on my Google Reader, ate breakfast and the last of my Barney Butter 😦  Still can’t find it at Whole Foods here.  Hit the gym when it opened for some weights.  Then laundry, cleaning, more Christmas decor.

I never got around to doing the outside lights.  By time Dan was ready to tackle them, I wasn’t in the mood.  Guess that is what happens when I wake up 4-5 hours earlier than him on the weekends.


We never have a ton, I usually let everyone else eat leftover sides and turkey at least on Friday.   Then I make something with the leftovers, which at that point is usually just turkey.   I like the turkey, cranberry relish, and veggies.

Turkey sandwich for with mom’s cranberry relish, turkey breast, RF cream cheese spread, on Ezekiel.   Side of veggie soup (the soup I made Wednesday night made 12 servings!). 

Pasta with Laughing Cow Alfredo Sauce leftover roasted Autumn veggies, and leftover turkey. (made 1 serving, just for me).  It was pretty awesome.

I made turkey stock on Saturday and another batch of soup, vegetable with bulgur for part of my lunches for the week.  Not vegetarian because of the broth, but very tasty.  It made a TON.  I froze about half of it for when work gets really nuts in a few weeks.

Sunday night for dinner, tried Janetha’s Mexican Casserole, but instead of ground turkey, I used shredded leftover Thanksgiving turkey breast.  It turned out to be a winner and a great use of leftovers (i used red sauce intead of green)!  By the way it’s 6 power points on WW.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend: The Recap

  1. I so wish I had leftovers! I love using them up. Last year, I made turkey pumpkin enchiladas. So good. Sounds like you are getting creative–I love it! I may have to roast a turkey just to have a bunch left over 😉

    Cute team spirit! Love the shirts, even though I don’t love the sport 😛

  2. I was cheering for AU too 😉 I love capri tights when it’s cooler (during summer it’s shorts). I have a hard time having to put on the full tights. But I’m also a wimp with the cold so it’s a must for me. I can’t stand my legs to be cold (throw back to ballet days). Sounds like you had a pretty good Thanksgiving. Love Ann Taylor 😉

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