Things I like Thursday~Thankful Thanksgiving

The one morning I can count on Dan to be up SUPER early, minus marathons…Thankgiving 🙂 He was up and at it dark and early.  The cold front hadn’t really started yet, so it was just kind of warmish and humid.

He got the smoker going and put on these two 15 lb bad boys.  He did 2 different versions of flavor injections (spicy garlic and plain).

While he was outside tending to the smoke, jamming to music, and drinking coffee, I started a few things before hitting the gym.  I was waiting for mom but she wouldn’t get out of bed, so I went alone.  Nothing says Suzy Homemaker like workout clothes and an apron.

When I got back, I hit the showers and got back to work.  By that time my mom and dad were up.  Mom helped me in the kitchen and dad, well my dad “supervised”.  In the middle of everywhere, I decided our wine rack was in the way and needed to be moved.  Dropped a heavy bottle of red wine into the eat-in dining and all over the floor and walls (and put a nice dent in the wall).  Cleaned it up and put the rack and the other bottles against the wall.  Well walking through, I caught a bottle of white with my jeans and broke that too.  Yeah, I was so mad that I screamed at everyone to get away from me.  Not my finest hour and Dan was pretty upset that I yelled at my parents.  I got the glass, wine, and everything cleaned up with their help and did a halfway job of mopping the floor.

Finished the touches on everything, sister and BF arrived, and we started getting ready for lunch.

Before Dan, my family ate on cute little Thanksgiving paper plates and we wore whatever we wanted (I was usually in sweats).  The holiday is a little more formal for his family, so 3 years ago when his parents came, we started wearing real clothes and eating on china.  We didn’t have china, so I bought some that year.  Thanksgiving may be the only time we use it, lol!  I try to bust it out for special occasions, but I forget, that and we rarely eat in our dining room either.

Little help from momma

Wow, my kitchen was clean before the day started!  We even had to put stuff on top of the fridge to get it out of the way!

Sister helped me assemble the cake.  She’s very experienced in decorating cakes (she took a bunch of classes last year).  I had already baked it and made the icing, I just needed her to slice the layers and put the cake together, which she did.

The pecan pie was bought from Texas Pie Company in Kyle.  It’s supposed to be one of the best you can buy in Texas.  Not sure the family agreed.  It disappeared quickly, but I think any pecan pie would.  I think my dad and sister ate most of it.  I had a pie of my mom’s.  I preferred my yummy cake which I will post the recipe for later.

Time to eat!

It was divine!    My plate was, clockwise from top:  spicy-garlic smoked turkey (i’m a white meat gal), a little of Dan’s family dressing/stuffing, Dan’s family green bean casserole (not what you are thinking, will post this one too), a Central Market multigrain baguette chunk (SO good), and roasted autumn vegetables (new to us, it was a huge hit!). 

Later cake and mom’s cranberry relish was consumed. 

Happy Thanksgiving from the Kellers!  (minus Chanel).  Dan and sister’s bf were photographing.  But once again, no photos of Dan and I!  No wonder we have none 😦


3 thoughts on “Things I like Thursday~Thankful Thanksgiving

  1. that food looked amazing and judging by your entry it probably was 🙂 Mine was cool too. I had dinner with family, but yesterday my fiance and I had our own private little dinner and the food was good. One of my coworkers though told me he had a deep frier for his thanksgiving turkey LOL I’ve never tried that one, but have been curious 😛 really cool with the smoker by the way.

    • yeah, the bottle breakage wasn’t pretty. Luckily the neck only snapped off the red (which was amazing because it fell from a few feet), so there wasn’t alot of glass. the white however, shattered into a million pieces and that one didn’t even fall, it got knocked over.

      I think I scarred Dan for life when I yelled 😦 Not a fine moment for sure

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