Why I run

I run because I like it.  I like the outlet.  Sometimes I like being alone and just pounding pavement.  I like that I can challenge myself.  I like setting  and reaching goals.  I like PRs.  I like good runs even when there aren’t PRs. I like to erase a bad day with a good run.   I like inspiring my mom.  I like inspiring myself.

I’ve been saving the Best Darn Cardio Article in my email for over a month.  It has some very good points, although most runners will be offended in the first line of the actual article (see link).

So if you chose to run, make sure you understand the real reasons why you’re running. You’re running for performance enhancement, or sport specific training, or stress relief, or general health, or endorphin rush, or to prove something to yourself, or just because you like to do it.

I run for those reasons and more.

I also know that endurance running doesn’t do you any favors in the muscle department.  Strength and cross training are very important.  For the first time in my life, with the exception of the weeks immediately surrounding this last race, i’ve consistently stuck with my strength for almost a whole year.  My #1 goal this year was to do just that, especially through marathon training.  And honestly, I think the strength training did wonders for my performance in races all year long.  I PR’d in the 5K for the first time in a VERY long time,  2 marathons and 3 halves.  I’ve made great strides especially in the longer races in the last year. (snicker, snicker at “great strides”).  I’m.a.dork.

I think i’m done with marathoning until fall of next year.  I’ve never run anything but fall marathons and I think i’m ok with that.  I don’t think that’s PMD talking, I think it’s thinking about my goals and what I think I want.  I think that my long-term goals until July of 2011 will be:

~new half mary PR

~strength training and expanding my workouts in the gym

~trying different types of cross-training

~maybe i’ll even do another 10K, although I despise that distance

And the most important goal is to stay happy, healthy, and uninjured!


4 thoughts on “Why I run

  1. looks like we are both making some changes in the new year as to fitness. im waiting to do my 2011 ‘goals’ post. i am definitely changing things up but with still an emphasis on running; that wont change, but DEFINITELY doing something differently this coming year.

  2. You are so right about cross-training and strength training. They really can help improve your running. Though when you are really enjoying running, it can be hard to step back and remember that sometimes. I know it’s been that way for me. I love doing weights but am having a hard time finding any other cardio I care to do now. Let’s just hope I don’t burn out on running 😉

    • I think it’s normal to feel the burn out on it from time to time. But since I started, i’ve never given up, just adjusted my goals.

      I love the way weights make me feel and look, I know i’d look alot better if I let running fall by the wayside, but running makes me happy and keeps me sane

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