Sleep in Saturday

As much as I wanted to sleep in, I didn’t.  In fact, I woke up earlier than normal.  So I ate breakfast and worked on the house until the sun came up.  Oh and made my honey some waffles, 3 different kinds (apple nut, vanilla, and almond joy).  Last week was blueberry walnut and banana nut.  Working on trying to get him breakfast.  Grab and go, grab and go!

I went for a little run then, which ended up being 4 miles.  This is why you try new things in daylight!  The street turned out to have no sidewalk, no shoulder, and was kind of isolated in a creepy way.

Came back, showered, went to a WW meeting up North with a coworker, which was nice.  The leader was VERY entergetic, which was different for me.  I then went back south to get sister and take off for some sister time.

She finished up her Christmas shopping for that person she lives with.  I bought some stocking stuffers for Dan.  I’m pretty much done, minus a giftcard to a store that hasn’t been identified yet for sister and then something for Dan.   Dan is very hard to shop for.  Because, if you didn’t know already, he’s Mr. Picky.

Him and I haven’t really done gifts the last couple of years (last year we bought something big to share).  This year I think we may get a fancy new dishwasher 🙂  Mine works, but not good enough and it’s too darn small.  We once toured the Martha Stewart custom built houses in Atlanta and some of them had double dishwashers, some had double-ovens.  Dan thought the idea of a double dishwasher was pretty dumb until he started living with me!

Anyhow, had lunch at Kona Grill with sister.  It was alright, now I remember why I don’t eat there often.  I had the jamaican jerk chicken burger, but they burned the hawaiian roll it was on, so I had to send it back and asked for it not cooked.  Sister had the fish tacos, except they gave her chicken.  We both ordered sides different than what came with our food and it was SUPER greasy.  I hate grease.   It’s a good thing the waiter was very cute.

Apparently it was tree lighting and Christmas festival night at the Domain, which I didn’t know.  If I wouldn’t have had to take sister back home for a party she had to attend, I would have stuck around.  Apparently Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis were playing one of their holiday shows as part of the festivities and i’ve always wanted to see that show.

We had a good time, but she was still acting strange.  Nothing has been the same since her BF came along, but it gets progressively worse.  I really wish she would go back to the way she was.  We used to be 2 peas in a pod and have so much fun together. 

A coworker had invited me to the Stars hockey game (arena is between where sister and I live), but I didn’t hear from him.  Micky and the Motorcars were in town and I probably would have went if the show had been at Saxon.  I haven’t been feeling Antone’s lately for some reason (although, it’ll always be special since that’s where I met Dan).

I ended up doing some more chores around the house.  I know it’s going to be a hectic week, so the more I can get done, the better.


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