Slaving away on Sunday

Woke up early once again.  Made some cocoa (still haven’t got the blend of the homemade mix quite right yet).  Anyhow, started off with making this at 6 am

Dan’s family’s dressing gets started on Sunday (per his mom’s recipe I have).  So I knocked the Sunday part out first thing this morning.  Baked the cornbread and biscuits to mix with the other stuff.  I’ll post the recipe later this week.  It stays in the fridge til Thursday, when you mix it with a bunch of broth and bake it.  This was a small batch, which pretty much tops off a 9×13. 

The recipe only uses 3 biscuits, so I also made Dan a breakfast for tomorrow.  Little ham, cheese, and egg biscuits. 

Went for an hour long walk after that.  Can’t remember the last time I walked outdoors for that long by myself.  It was kind of nice, but very windy and threatening to rain the whole time.   Came back and oiled my teak patio table and chairs, which was a pain in the butt, but I don’t really want them to silver.

Dan came home, ate one of the little breakfast bicuits for breakfast (at 11).  We then went to the gym (he’s trying mine out right now).  Yes, I went to the gym late and I hated it.  It wasn’t really crowded, but the people that were there were annoying.  Especially the lady in the tube top, cutoff acid washed shorts, and socks.  WTH?  Her husband/bf/sugar daddy was trying to teach her how to lift weights and they were getting in the way, not to mention her trainwreck workout gear was distracting to say the least.

Today was my first day back in the gym for weights since I can remember and i’m not happy about that, but before and after the races, it’s not really an option.  I figured I was recovered enough to do my arms and light legs.   It wasn’t the greatest session, but it was something.  I am going back to my regular workout days this week, easing back into the legs and running though.  I did some foam rolling after that and my quad knot is still around, going to work that out over the next week and probably work on the bruises I gave myself from it too 😦

The rest of the day was a whirlwind.  Laundry, yard work, cleaning.  Chicken fajita fiesta for dinner.  Dan had fajita tacos, I had a fajita bowl with some Alton Brown baked rice made with some salsa in it.  YUM!

We are both worn the heck out!  I may have to recover at work tomorrow, lol!


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