Things I like Thursday~Marathon Celebration

I love celebrating after a race!  Definately “Things I Like Thursday” worthy.

I’m sure there are some near-finishing photos that mom took at mile 26.  Will see those when they come for Thanksgiving next week.  Hopefully there are some good photos of the actual race.  Mom and dad both saw mile 26, then dad went to hotel and mom went to find me (which took forever), thank goodness I checked my cell in my gear bag.  We always meet at marker K, but they moved the Family Fiesta area this year, so she couldn’t find it!

After marathons 1,3,5 which were all RNR SA, we’ve done the same thing.  Late lunch at my favorite Mexican place in the San Antonio area.  Paloma Blanca in Alamo Heights is a trendy Mexican place that I discovered about 4 years ago.  I don’t go there but a few times a year, but I LOVE it.   They are actually pretty healthy as far as Mexican is concerned, in fact, the restaurant has many great options if you are watching what you eat.  I always get the Enchiladas Verdes.  I got them again on Sunday, even though I could have had anything on that menu, I  just like them that much.  And they have awesome roasted salsa and wonderful thick tortilla chips made from their awesome tortillas (both their flour and corn tortillas are some of the best i’ve ever had).   I always have to hold back and not get refills on the tiny bowl of chips until my food comes, or i’d make a meal out of the chips and salsa, it’s that good (and i’m VERY picky about both).  Sigh, makes me want to take a road trip!

No photos of my enchiladas, but you better believe there was some of dessert!  They have AMAZING tres leches cake.  Marathon #1 I had the chocolate, #3 the vanilla, this year their special of the day was a dark chocolate brownie.  It has a hard decision, but I decided to try something new.  I don’t remember the specifics but it was a nutty brownie, raspberries on side,  with what I think was Bluebell Vanilla ice cream.

Despite how it looks, I DID share with mom, dad, and Dan.  I will admit though, I ate the biggest portion.  Everyone agree that it was pretty freaking awesome.

Victory is sweet.  


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