SA Marathon weekend~Saturday recap

I can’t remember the last time I had a sleepless night like Friday night (that didn’t have a pinpointed reason).  It was pretty darn bad and nothing I did, even trying to read, moving to the living room and office couches helped 😦  I eventually just gave up and went for a 2 mile run.  I usually do total rest on the days leading up to a half or full, but I decided to try something different as some plans have you run the day or two before.  The cool front was coming in and it was super windy, but kind of nice 🙂  I over analyzed every step and for the first time, actually worried about the race. 

Ate breakfast and waited for BFF to wake up and then we had some girly catch-up time.  Eventually Dan woke up and we hit the road for the Alamodome for RNR SA packet pickup, parked at our hotel to avoid the rediculous parking charges.  Thank goodness they used the whole dome this year and actually allowed space for packet pickup and the expo.  In the 2 past years, it had been so crowded and overwhelming it was miserable.  This year in that respect was definately better, although the expo vendors weren’t as good as years past.  We looked around a little and all I really saw was a headband (mostly because I was scared of the wind and didn’t bring one that would cover my ears). I hoped for a deal on my shoes, but no one really had any deals which was diappointing.

Decided to head to Schilos Deli in downtown San Antonio.  Dan had never been there and I thought maybe he’d like it.  I got there every time I am in the area around lunch time.  It’s a small and historic German deli.  VERY neat place.  My friend Rodney introduced me to it a few years back during a work trip.  The food is tasty and inexpensive.   They also have terrific lunch specials every day of the week and they serve wonderfully fresh dark bread with everything (I love dark bread).  Dan got the hamburger steak which was the Saturday lunch special.  I had their vegetable soup (which is AMAZING) and turkey and swiss on fresh rye.  I also added some of their famous spicy mustard, which has kick.  Get too much and you get that burn in your nose like you do from too much wasabi, hehe!   No photos because Dan was annoyed with me wanting to take photos.    We both loved our food and Dan raved about the fresh rye that came with his food, even though he says he usually hates dark bread.

We moved on back to the hotel to check in and then off to the Auburn vs Georgia football watch party in North SA.  Fun times.  They won 🙂  During halftime I had to run and get a new pair of sunglasses (broke mine) and some pants to wear before the race (because I didn’t think it would be cold before).  I actually met 5 people from the San Antonio Auburn club that were running on Sunday, which was neat.  Got to talk shop with them before I left, 2 of them were first time marathoners.

After the game, I really needed to eat, but I wasn’t hungry, nor did I crave anything.  The original plan was IHOP, but honestly I hate IHOP, I just wanted pancakes (and we had a horrible experience there the night before the race last year).  Decided against Jim’s and Denny’s too.  We chose to share something but couldn’t agree on anything and ended up getting pretty po’d at each other.  Decided on Chipotle, but they were operating WAY too slow and I needed to eat ASAP since it was already almost 7.  We eventually landed at Taco Cabana of all places!  I almost never eat there anymore.  Not because I don’t like it, but I don’t eat alot of fast food and that’s usually not my top choice.  We got the food to go and had a chicken fajita picnic back at the hotel.  It was actually a pretty decent pre-race meal.  I let Dan have all of the stuff I won’t eat.  Those were 2 tasty tacos (chicken, guacamole, rice, beans, veggies, and pico de gallo).   It was probably pretty close nutritionally to what I usually eat the night before anyhow.

I then jumped into my epsom salt hot bath and started a book.  Yes, I actually started reading again!  I then double checked all of my gear and made sure my pre-race stack was ready to go, post-race bag was complete, and everything else was ready for Dan to take to the car after the race.

I hit the sack and slept like a brick.  Thank goodness!


One thought on “SA Marathon weekend~Saturday recap

  1. I haven’t eaten at Taco Cabana in about 8 years. Tried it for the first time visiting friends in Houston eons ago. Jason and I get really annoyed with each other if we’re both starved and can’t settle on a place to eat or what to make. Once we eat, we’re a-ok again 😉

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