Things I like Thursday: Veteran’s Day

Thanks to all that serve our country.  Past and present.

I heard the most heart-warming story yesterday from one of my favorite coworkers yesterday (he’s like a 2nd dad).  I wanted to share it as a “thing I like”.  I’ve know said coworker for a little over a year and knew he served in Vietnam, but I didn’t know the story.

He invited me to look at a beautiful scrapbook his wife made him for Christmas last year, which chronicled his time in the Army and his tour of Vietnam.  It very interesting to see what he saw and some of the things he experienced.

I asked him, so when did you and your wife get married?  Thinking they were married before he went over there.  Their courtship was something out of a movie or a novel.

They met right before he was deployed at a party.  He danced with her once, danced with her best friend several times.  The next day he called to ask her out, she insisted that he had the wrong number, because he must have wanted her best friend.  He told her no, that he wanted to see her.  They went out a few times, but she told him he was too “straight laced” and nice.

He went to Vietnam shortly thereafter.  A few months in, he had an especially crummy day (the fact it rains all of the time wasn’t helping).  He said that evening during mail call he got a letter.  A letter that apparently was mis-addressed, so it went to Vietnam, then got rerouted to his parents.  They re-addressed it and forwarded it on to him.  It was from her.  She had apparently felt badly for blowing off this poor GI, so she wrote him an apology.  He said that letter made his week.

From that point on, they traded mail constantly.  This continued for the next year until his tour was over.

He got back to the states and proposed to her on the spot.  They got married a year later and the rest is history.  They are celebrating 40 years of marriage and have 2 children and 2 grandchildren 🙂

I teared up a little hearing that story. 

So that’s my “something I like”.  True love really does exist.  Selfless service for our country exists.  Kind hearted people exist.


2 thoughts on “Things I like Thursday: Veteran’s Day

  1. Wow, what a wonderful story! I am tearing up here. Thanks for sharing it. And please give this man a heartfelt THANK YOU from me for all of his service to out country!!

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