Things I like Thursday: CLEANING

I’ve been MIA because Dan’s parents come to see us for the weekend tomorrow and i’ve been trying to clean!  I have quite a bit to do tonight and unfortunately he’ll be in Gruene Hall seeing Merle Haggard.  Unfortunately I am most motivated to clean in the mornings, which makes it hard when i’m at work.  This week i’ve been waking up at normal gym time, running, and then cleaning.  I’m a weirdo. 

My #1 cleaning favorite: Eureka Enviro-Steamer.  Nothing cleans a tile or wood floor like this sucker.  It just makes it feel SO clean and sanitary.  I don’t actually use it as much as I should, I say that every time I use it.  It really should be weekly, but HA, so not the case.

All Purpose Cleaner: Fantastik.  It gets any stain out of the kitchen counter, cleans the stove and sink well.  It annoys me that HEB doesn’t carry it here and I can only get it at Walmart.  I friggin hate Walmart.  Yes, I know it’s chemicals, but the non-chemical cleaners couldn’t do what my Fantastik does, so I abandoned them and went back.

Dusting: Pledge Duster.  I actually got this as a freebie in the mail and fell inlove.  I will never go back to my can of Pledge and cloth/paper towel again.  It has a handle with the pledge spray IN IT!  Hey, it’s the simple things that excite me apparently.

Vacuum:  Bissell bagless upright with pet hair lifter.  I like it so much, I have 2 (1 upstairs, 1 down).  I got the first one 6 years ago when I moved to Austin.  The first day we owned the house (about 2 years ago), I went to “reclean” the house after the other owners were out.  I don’t trust other people’s cleaning, especially when vacating.  Well they had dropped a large screw in the deep pile carpet and I sucked it up and killed vac #1.  So we went and bought vac #2.  Then we decided to go ahead and try to repair vac #1.  So now we have 2, which actually works really well.  The old one stays upstairs which gets less traffic from us and the cats.  The newer one is downstairs, where we all usually hang out.

Carpet Steamer:  Bissell Proheat.  I bought this a few years back and trade it back and forth with my mom.  It’s really come in handy and does a great job.  However, mom didn’t give it back in March and still has it.  I know she hasn’t used it.  I am wanting to give my carpet some TLC.  Maybe she’ll bring it to me next weekend 🙂

Cleaning Jams:  Austin City Limits recording-Drive by Truckers and Ryan Bingham.  We were in attendance for the DBT portion of the filming 2 falls ago.  I don’t know why, but we have this 2 year old airing of ACL on our DVR still and it’s my cleaning soundtrack.  If you don’t know either band, check them out!

I actually love a clean house and don’t mind cleaning, however since I am a morning cleaner, it’s hard.  I commute to work, so I leave at 6:30 or earlier every morning and I also prefer to workout in the AM.  We are rarely home or not have plans on the weekends.  And during marathon training, I am always gone on Saturday mornings.   My cleaning quality and efforts just aren’t as good in the evenings, lol.


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