Halloween recap


I ran at the lake with AK for 10.5 miles.  I only needed to do 10, so I was golden (the .5 was a detour).  Had her drop me off at an ARC meeting to help plan Decker.  The meeting was at Marias Taco Xpress which has been on “Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, “Rachel Ray’s $30 a day”, etc.  Dan came to get me on the way out of town and he ate lunch there, I had some of it (I wasn’t hungry much at all), it was pretty tasty.  We WILL be back.  They had a great outdoor patio, great vibe, and some yummy looking food.    I actually ended up eating my packed lunch on the way to SA in the car, I rarely eat in my car and prefer not to, but lately I never know when I feel ok to eat, so I took advantage of it.

My legs are recovering fine for where I am right now as far as I can tell.  It was a fairly easy and laid back week workout wise (on purpose).


Headed south to San Antonio with a detour to the outlets to get some costume pieces, and then on to Texadelphia for the SA Auburn club’s watch party.  My sandwich was awesome (I had the Left Coast which has chicken, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, and just a little provolone..I think, it wasnt much cheese and it wasn’t sauced) with mushrooms and jalapenos added and picante instead of dressing.  I’m glad i’d tried their food again, because i’d been there before several times about 5 years ago and didn’t like it.  Dan had the Texican which was also very tasty.

Saturday night was our friend Melissa’s annual birthday/Halloween theme party.  This year she was turning the big 3-O and the theme was “White Trash.”  I got dressed in the restaurant’s bathroom stall, CLASSY.  We then headed to her house…

Behold, our white-trashed-ness:

REALLY wish Robb would have removed his Rangers shirt and put on his trashy shirt before this photo.  I do not think the Rangers or Rangers fans are trashy (obviously).  I’m teen trash trying to be classy, although it’s hard to tell.  Tasteless white shirt, bright red bra, too-short shorts, too much makeup, blingy too-big fake diamond jewels, tasteless nails (which you can’t see), and my Ugg knockoffs. 

Dan is Alabama redneck trash (yes, he’s from there) and Amber is old lady trash.

Since we got there kind of late, I didn’t take any food photos but they had some yummy stuff.  I lasted until 11:30 and my side started killing me, so I decided to lie down upstairs and I missed Melissa’s birthday cake at midnight 😦  Was really looking forward to that.

I didn’t actually fall asleep until about 3.  Got up at 6 and ended up going to put gas in my car and hit the Gold’s which wasn’t all that close, but close enough 😉  My first time back to the gym since Frankenthon, took it slow, super easy, and mostly arms.  Will ease back into strength this week, then back off next week before SA.  Don’t want to run the risk of killing my recovery or my taper.  Yes, I know those shouldn’t happen really at the same time.

We visited for about an hour, had a nice outdoor lunch at Panera on the way home, and make our way back.

Then it was one of the most stressful grocery trips ever (I usually go to the store much earlier and not on holidays), laundry, cleaned out our fridge.  Then settled in to watch our Rangers lose 😦  That’s ok, I still have faith til the end!


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