Things I like Thursday: RACES

Things I like for distance races edition:


A little night-before hot epsom soak

I don’t have a regular night before meal, but I try to keep it simple (and it depends where the race is).  The night before 2 halves and 3 of the fulls I had this (sans blob of butter and the sausage was Boca).  I like Pioneer No Fat mix, but I am dying to try some others i’ve seen online, but not wild about ordering food online, especially the shipping costs. 

For breakfast before any long run, training or race, I eat oats.  Usually with nuts added.  This season i’ve really been into mocha-brownie oats.


I wear my road ID when I actually remember it.  I have the ankle ID in black.  I need to get back to always keeping it in my car, which I used to do.

For most races I also usually wear my race bib belt.  This is especially helpful for cold weather races when you need to shed clothes, no repinning your number or anything.  I got mine at RunTex.  Yeah, sometimes it makes for some odd photos if it shifts, but I don’t care.  I’ve never bought a race photo, never saw one I liked.


After the race the first thing I always want is fruit and water.

But sometimes, like after Frankenthon, it’s not offered.  I know you need to start eating for recovery right away and most of what is offered for that reason.  I’m not saying I won’t eat it, but the first thing I WANT is fruit.  Gimme a banana after any race.  I will say, Angie’s had Girl Scout Cookies last year, and I did enjoy some samoas or whatever-the-heck they are PC named now.

Frankenthon had cokes, Round Rock donuts, candy, more candy, pizza, rice crispy treats, more candy.  Things I NEVER crave immediately after finishing a race, but have seen:  beer, pizza, breakfast tacos, anything with eggs, bbq, donuts, chili, and hamburgers.

Eventually I like a nice cold Coconut Water to replace electrolytes and all that jazz.  I really like the VitaCoco peach-mango flavor


Eventually there is a little foam roller action

And new to this season is my pink Zensahs


4 thoughts on “Things I like Thursday: RACES

  1. thank God i am not the only one that doesnt want all that crap after. i wonder if people really WANT it or feel ENTITLED…or because somewhere sometime someone said it was the thing to do? i dont know.

    the ONLY thing i can stomach afterwards and for several hours is water, diet coke/diet sunkist and a protein smoothie.

    • Most runners I know eat like total crap all of the time anyhow, so after a run is no different to them.

      I did have a Fun Size Hershey bar after Frakenthon, I didn’t want it, but I needed to have something other than my coconut water I brought. A bagel or something would have even be better than donuts or pizza.

      I don’t get it, but I don’t get most stuff involved with races or people in general

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