Pity, party of one

Was a bit overwhelmed coming back to work Wednesday.  Plus a really stressful meeting all afternoon really made it evident that whatever is wrong with me is aggrevated by stress.  By time I walked out of the meeting, I felt like my right size was 1 giant knot.

Running makes me feel better.  Did I run yesterday?  No.  I had intended to when it got cooler (it was 93 after work yesterday) and then I got lazy.  Watched “Teen Mom” instead and rotted my brain.  Keep it classy Texas!

Things went downhill after dinner, had a huge food struggle with said knot.  Went to bed at 8.

Woke up to the wrong alarm, cool front wasn’t here yet, and the Rangers lost.  SHEESH!  My little run went well though.

Speaking of, CT scan came back clean.  I got the bill this morning too.  Thank goodness I have insurance.  Unfortunately is was so expensive, i’m going to have to pay quite a bit too.  Still no diagnosis.  Calling Dr. today, I missed his call when he called to check on me.

Sunroof on my car still leaks, but I have a clean car.  It’s been “fixed” twice.  Not happy.  Dealership hasn’t called me back.  I had to wash it, because they didn’t.  Maybe if they did, they’d realize it STILL leaks.

I have 1 week to prepare for the arrival of Dan’s parents.  My house isn’t a wreck, but it’s nowhere where it needs to be.  We are out of town this weekend and a busy week next week.  I’ve already written down my plan of attack though, hopefully I can follow through.  I hate a dirty house, guests or not.

Dan comes back from Chicago today.  We have a date when I get off of work.  I hope he’s happy to see me.  I’m not really sure he even missed me not being around.

Looks like Thanksgiving is at my house again, 3rd year in a row.  I am ok with this and even prefer it.  I think Dan and I host a great Thanksgiving.  Although I kind of wish it was an odd-year and sister’s bf wouldn’t be attending (they go to NM alternating years for Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Today is our Halloween day at work.  I am wearing the same exact thing as last year-“runner”.  Last year’s Frankenthon shirt (because it’s cuter and fits better), black capris, Frankenthon socks, old running shoes.  No, I don’t run in capris ever, but they are way more work appropriate than tights or any shorts I own.  Creative?  No.  Comfortable?  Yes.

I hope the day turns around, it’s still early.  But all in all, I know that I have a blessed life and a crummy day here and there is just a hiccup 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pity, party of one

  1. Aw girl. I’m just down the road, and I’m holding out my arms to give ya’ a big ‘ole hug! This week has been pretty stressful for many people, it seems!

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