If we don’t blow away

Wind advisory today 😦  Man, I can’t win with the weather!  Hot and humid for the marathon and then I get here and it’s horrible winds.  Makes being outside a little difficult, especially if you want to fish or anything else.

My parent’s good friends are here too, my mom used to be roomates with the lady back when they were just out of high school.  They are really sweet people but their living and eating habits are completely different than my family, so it’s strange to me.   They live in the middle of nowhere and have a completely different lifestyle, so I know that’s part of it.   It is a very good example of how your lifestyle can age you though.  The lady is 1 year older than my mom but she said she feels much older (and she looks it too).  Mom feels younger and looks younger too.  Hopefully i’ll remember this and be sure to take care of myself and my health, so that as I age, it’s graceful as can be.


Everyone was on their own for breakfast.   I had mocha oats and a little coffee.

Lunch was a giant sandwich spread.  I opted for a side of Eggless egg salad, cooked carrots, and turkey and spicy guacamole on toasted Ezekiel 🙂  I forgot to put some cheese on the sandwich, but it was still pretty tasty.

Still trying to get used to this tiny galley style kitchen in this condo.  I’m spoiled at home, I have a giant kitchen with tons of counter room and a huge island in the middle.  Sounds great, but I fear because of all that counter space, i’ll never be able to replace it all with stone like I want, because it would cost a fortune!

Dinner was Taco Soup from Janetha at “Meals and Moves”, but Melissa-fied.  I like it thick like chili, so I don’t thin it with the tomato juice.  Served with shredded cheddar, shredded lettuce, diced tomato, sour cream, and 2 types of chips and tortillas.  I eat mine with baked scoops for some crunch.  I’m not a big chip person unless it comes to Mexican type food, but even then, i’m picky about the chips (goes back to my hate of grease, I HATE greasy chips). 

And then a little birthday cake action with bundlets from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  I picked them up before I left Austin area for Port Aransas, per mom’s request.  He really digs the Pecan Praline bundlet.  Great little mini cakes, perfect size for portion control (half of one is probably a reasonable portion).  I got the seasonal Pumpkin Spice without the drizzle as mine.  If you have one in your area, check them out, they have the little ones, regular size, and now little “bite size” portions as well.  Pictured below are red velvet,  pecan praline, chocolate chocolate chip, and white chocolate chocolate.


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