Sunday Surprise!


Run?  What run?  Today was nothing on purpose.  I woke up, did chores, hit the road, and visited with my parents and our family friends.  Post-marathon recovery day #1 and I feel way better than I expected.  While I had soreness yesterday afterwards, today it’s all but a distant memory.  But I know even if I feel great, the body is still recovering internally.  So i’ll do what i’m supposed to do 🙂 


Took forever to get down to Port Aransas.  Waited for mom to call me, so I could surprise my dad.  Almost foiled in the grocery store parking lot, because as I was backing my car out of the space, my dad was waiting for my parking spot!  WHEW!  Close call.  Good thing my car has super dark windows.

Got to town and waited around for them to get here.  Thought my mom would never call and it was HOT outside, definately not a fall day.  90 plus degrees and high winds 😦    Anyhow, I made it to the park, snuck up behind my dad as he was looking at the ocean waves and asked, “What’s biting”?  He was pretty shocked, just stood there and looked at me.  I think he was pretty shocked for a couple of hours after that.  Gave him his gift when we checked into the condo they rented for the week.  He dug his Fishin’ Mate. In fact, he assembled it right away and insisted on using it when we went to check out the water.

Because the weather wasn’t ideal, neither was fishing.  Dad caught the only fish and they were really more like bait, hehe!  Yes, I look like my dad, but like 100 lbs less and shorter.


Breakfast today was a remake of a classic.  Sometime when I was in high school, I discovered McDonald’s and the breakfast burrito (that’s when my hometown got a Mickey D’s).  That used to be one of my favorite breakfasts.  I can count on 1 hand how many times i’ve been to McDonalds in the last 5 years, most of those were for a drink…McDonalds is like Walmart to me, I avoid it at all costs.

I went to Whole Foods last night with sister and remembered that one of the blogs I read mentioned a queso-alternative (we cant say its cheese) that made me curious, so I sought it since I was there.   Decided it would help me make a great breakfast burrito.  While it wasn’t exact, it was still really tasty (if I could find the cheese spread, I think that would be worked better than the sauce version) and actually American singles get you even closer in the taste department, I’ve tried that before.  Used a Josephs Lavash Bread, egg beaters, the non-queso, roasted red bell pepper, and Boca sausage links that I cut up.  Boca links are the only sausage I like with the exception of a few kinds of turkey sausage.  I hate grease, hate hate hate it, always have (i’ve been a blotter my whole life).  Even when I used to eat regular breakfast sausage, i’d use a whole stack of napkins squeezing all of the grease out.

 Um, there weren’t any final product photos, it may have disappeared pretty quickly 😉


Lunch was a wrap made with romaine, Eggless egg salad, side of cooked carrots, and some strawberries…eaten of the trunk of my car at 2 pm.  It was right before parents pulled into town.  I couldn’t wait to eat any longer so I dug through my ice chest and made a picnic out of my trunk at the park.

I insisted on cooking dinner the 2 nights I am here instead of eating out.  We’re in a 2 bedroom condo for the birthday week, so cooking is easy, just trying to get used to a small kitchen.  I picked 2 dinner dishes that were crockpot meals, so they could cook while we are out having fun!

 Tonight was a healthier version of something my mom made when I was growing up.  I’m not wild about cream soups from a can and velveeta, but it tastes darn good and I know my dad likes it.  Plus it makes a large number of servings.

Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti

Serves – 12 (1 cup each)
16 oz. dry spaghetti, cooked (I used ww)
1 lb. Velveeta Light cheese
12 oz cooked, cubed, chicken breast
10 3/4 oz. can 98% fat free cream of mushroom soup, undiluted
10 3/4 oz. can 98% fat free cream of chicken soup, undiluted
10 oz. can diced tomatoes and green chilies (Rotel)
4 oz. can mushroom stems and pieces, drained
1/2 cup water
1 small onion, diced
1 medium green pepper, diced
salt & pepper, to taste


Spray slow cooker with non-stick cooking spray.

Combine all ingredients in slow cooker and stir to mix well.

Cook on LOW for 2-3 hours. Stir again just before serving.

Nutrition Information:
286 cal., 5.7 g. fat, 2.7 g. fiber

The photo does it no justice, it’s very tasty.  Mom and I had similar plates, but my dad and our family friends had seconds 🙂  Must have been acceptable?  Made without bell pepper (dad is allergic) and mushrooms (because dad and I are the only lovers).  I added grilled mushrooms to mine after it was plated.

Couple hours later, I made baked apples for mom and I (i’ve been on a cooked apple kick lately) in the microwave, stuffed them with walnuts, greek yogurt, and cinnamon.  Too bad I cut the crap out of my finger trying to core one of the apples 😦   Not stitches bad, but bad enough to be the whole width of my thumb.  Ugh, way to go!


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