It was a Monster Mash!

Woke up to see my Rangers are in the world series.  Yeah, I may have cried a little.

Started off with some mocha-nut brownie oats.  I’m superstitious when it comes to running and sports games…

Then I headed upstairs to grab the gear.  Yes, there are 2 sets of everything.  You never know when you’ll need a spare and rain & super high humidity were in the forecast.  Plus I had errands to run afterwards for dad’s bday 😉

It was long, it was hot, it was humid.  It was like RNR SA 2009 revisited.  My sister met me at 10, that didn’t last long (maybe a tenth of a mile), her and the dog couldn’t keep up.  At 13 I was already cursing.  At 20 I wanted to punch AK who wanted to run the last 10K, because she was so darn peppy and at that point, I was anything but.  I started dragging , but got re-energized with 4 to go.  Then I saw 2 guys from the top 10 guys walking (they had already turned and were toward the finish).  That freaked me out a bit.  I knew I only had to do 20 as my training run (this would be the 2nd one), but I knew I had the rest in me, so just like last year, I did the whole thing.  Yeah, when I made my oats this morning, you can tell I really wanted to finish.  I woke up feeling fabulous which I took as a sign 😉

Exactly 11 mins and 1 sec faster than the same course last year with way worse weather (overall PR by 9 mins).  I am proud of myself, although I will admit, this year was SO much harder.  I don’t know if it was the weather or my being run-down at the beginning of the week, or what.  I think I said at least 40 times, “I don’t remember this being so freaking hard”.  Of course it’s hard!  Looking back i’m glad very few people heard me, because I may have been punched!

Ok, so maybe I visited with people for the next 2 hours and didn’t go do what I was supposed to do (although I did get a massage).  I eventually made it to Gold’s to use the stretch trainer, then Nothing Bundt Cakes for Dad’s mini-cakes, then Academy for AL Champs Rangers shirts (which they didn’t have).  Man, it sure took me a long time to make my way back home which is only 8 miles.

Then I came home and began what I am hoping is a good recovery:

Yeah, the water was pretty freaking cold, 20 lbs of ice will do that do you.

I had some good moral support though.  Dan may be in Chicago, but Missy is pretty supportive when it comes to someone being in her bathtub (why do they like my white guest bath so much? Probably to shed all over it, lol).

Put on socks, the pjs, the Zensahs, with the hoodie and settled in on the couch with my really late lunch and the LSU vs Auburn game, which I only watched for 5 minutes before I got nervous and turned it off. 

Grilled sandwich with Ezekiel, roasted turkey, extra spicy guac, queso fresco laughing cow with a side of cooked carrots (i’m supposed to try to avoid raw for now).  That’s ok, I liked cooked veggies too 🙂   Followed by a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream with some PB on top!

Sister date tonight for the real recovery meal.  Pretty sure i’ll be Mexican food, which is ok by me, I love me some Mexican food!

So Marathon #4 and my 2nd Frankenthon go down in the books.  Now on the road to recovery…hopefully the road will be smooth 😉


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