They call me…

Yes, that’s me.  I worry, that’s what I do.  I’m not as bad as my BFFs, but it’s there.  I’ll admit sometimes I keep myself up at night thinking about everything I have to do and ways to do it best (this doesn’t happen all that often, but it is annoying).

There’s the important stuff like worrying about whatever the heck is going on with my health.  Will they ever figure out what is wrong with me?  I’m quite tired of looking and feeling like a hippo.  One day i’d like to wear a 2 piece bathing suit again.  Well and maybe not waddle when I walk and run sometimes.

And the silly stuff like:

Will my longest training run of the season go ok? The weather is forecasted to very warm, very humid, and possibly storming.  I haven’t run that trail and that route in forever.  I have 2 bad runs behind me this week already. Every run can’t be a good run, but the bad ones sure do mess with your head.

Will my team make it to the world series?  Just in case you are wondering, i’ve been a lifelong fan of both the Rangers and the Astros.  Nolan Ryan was my childhood hero.  Remind me to take photos of my room back home 😉

Will Cabela’s ever get my dad’s 60th birthday gift in? (it was supposed to be here last Thursday)  Will I have it in time for my trip down to the beach to surprise him on Sunday?   What if the weather is bad and we can’t go fishing?  What if the fish aren’t biting?

I know there are far more important things to worry about, but my head has been swimming today with the silliest worries as you can see!  I know I am blessed with great family, friends, and a nice life and in the end, that’s all that matters 🙂


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