How I kept the pounds off..

This was on Sunday’s front page of Yahoo news.

How I kept the pounds off – 10 real life stories

If you lost weight, how did you do it?  How long have you kept it off?  How do you keep it off?

For me:

HOW I DID IT:  I lost the weight on Weight Watchers from January 2007-June 2007.  Around 35 pounds.  (I lost a little more after being at goal for 3 years). 

TIME:  Made goal June 2007, been below goal since then. 


1) everything in moderation

2) I still journal everything I eat and all of my workouts

3) I still weigh weekly.  And I only weighed weekly when losing, which I highly recommend.  In fact, I threw my scale away and didn’t buy another until I made goal.

4) I always have some sort of goal I am working toward that is wellness related, but not loss related.

5) No deprivation

6) Planning and thinking ahead.  I plan what I can, i’ve learned to be flexible when I can’t.  A little planning goes a long way.  This especially applies when you have a challenging week like travel or a vacation. 

7) 2 words.  Lifestyle Change.

That’s my running “before and after”.  Left side is my first 5K in April 2006.  I had been running for 4 months, but not lost any weight.  That was about 8 months before I joined Weight Watchers in Jan 2007.

Right side is a 5K from May 2010.  I’d been at goal for almost 3 years when that was taken.  Not only does my body look better, but look at my face.  My before looks like I am dying.  My after looks HAPPY.  That’s because I am 🙂


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