Slow Saturday


I don’t know what the heck was up with me Friday night, because I did none of my usual ritual. In fact it’s amazing I even got out of bed.  I did, only 5 minutes after I was supposed to, only to find out that the Rangers lost after I called it a night  😦  Not a good way to start the day.

New meds can cause restless sleep, which I had. I’ve already noted I need to take the medicine earlier in the day ( twice a day). Luckily no nausea, thank goodness.

I woke up feeling pretty rotten. Ate my “apple pie” oats and it helped a bit. Couldn’t decide what route or trail I wanted to do, I opted for Lady Bird lake, even though it’s a haul from my house. My main reasoning was the first hour would be pitch black dark. It was actually darker than normal, my eyes weren’t adjusting well at all, but I was fine. Knocked 12 mile cutback week run out at slightly faster than normal training pace.

Went to REI for gels and sure enough, they had zero tangerine.  Looks like a trip to Academy is in order for Sunday morning.


Hit Sprouts market for some produce. Just gotta hit up HEB tomorrow for everything else. Since we are so busy the next few weeks, I’ve done rough menus out further than my usual week. Did some prep on veggies when I got home, hadn’t done that in a while, need to get back to that.

Before I knew it, time had flown and it was time to go to Mangia Pizza for the Auburn alumni club’s watch party.  Horrible game.  Can you say tons of offense and no defense?  We had the Rangers game going on at the same time.  The Rangers and Auburn both just about killed me yesterday.  Good grief!

The plan was to eat dinner there after the game, but Dan couldn’t wait, so he ordered some wings as a snack.  By time dinner time rolled around and both games were over, my stomach hurt 😦  Stupid meds.  I know it’ll take time to adjust and figure out when to take them and how I react, but I was really looking forward to some yummy pizza!  But you know, sometimes it pays to listen to your body and not have what you want, but rather what IT wants.  I don’t think it was really going to react well to cheesy goodness.

I ordered that sweater from Target online (college sweaters were their “deal of the day” a few weeks ago) and it turned out to be more Florida blue than Auburn blue.  I got teased a lot, I’ll save it for work, lol.  No more wearing it on game day.


Tried out a pizza recipe from the October Oxygen magazine Saturday for lunch. It was good, but the making of the crust weirded me out (part of the base was ground turkey).  Little did I know that would be the only “pizza” I had yesterday.

Last night I ended up throwing together some veggie nachos when we got home (black beans, red peppers, tomato, rf cheese, mushrooms, green onions, zucchini and lots of spices).  They were good, but they weren’t pizza 😦

I wasn’t the only one tired on Saturday…


2 thoughts on “Slow Saturday

  1. Girl I hope the meds help! I just can’t imagine what you’re going through. Oh, and I saw that pizza recipe – even if I ate meat, kind of ick sounding. Nachos work though 😉

    Oh and that game – crappy all the way around but at least you guys won!

    • Yeah, the pizza was weird. I need to get creative and think of a sub to make a quick easy crust like that without ground meat. Just mixing it gave me the heebee-jeebees.

      It was an awful football game. The score may have said AU won, but they may have well have both lost, lol!

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